Profusion Insider ProBox! (& mini Update)

A few weeks ago I recieved my first package from Profusion Cosmetics as part of their Profusion Insider ProBox! Here is what was inside! [All of the photos are same ones that will be posted on my Instagram] I have been enjoying trying out and experimenting all the items I received! 

I’ve been very busy recently with the High Holy Days (on top of classes) and to those who also celebrate, I wish you a very healthy and happy 5777! L’Shanah Tovah! I sang in one concert in September, sang for both Rosh Hashannah evening and morning services as well as Kol Nidre and Yom Kippur services. 

Now with adult ensemble at my synagogue over for the season, I can focus on our fall concert at school! This year our fall concert is entitled, “Meta Music”, it will be at the college, and admission is free. Please email me if you are interested in attending!

Anyways, onto the box of makeup that arrived at my doorstep! Until I opened the box, I had no idea exactly what they would send!

The first item I opened was the concealer palette. Inside are 4 concealer creams one is a darker orange, one peach, one ivory, and one beige.

The concealers are very thick creams. It takes a few seconds for the cream to start to melt from thr temperature of my fingers. Once warmed up the cream becomes more pliable, but is still a bit too difficult to use on my dry to very dry skin. I imagine if you have oily skin then the thickness of this cream would be easier to use.
I do like the sleek and simple packaging with the cut out that says, “concealer”. And the brush included is actually a pretty good brush. But after being so impressed with both the lipsticks and brows sets this set was lacking the same quality.

The second item I opened was the larger ‘Treasure Box’ which contains 35 eyeshadows, 10 lipglosses, 2 blushes, 1 highlighter, 1 contour powder, 1 black eyeliner, and 3 applicators. I really liked that the box stays open itself, has a mirror, and even has look suggestions which are much appreciated!

This (almost) all in one look kit is packaged in a very cute box that can easily be reused afterwards. The tray holding the products easily pulls out which is both good and not so good.
So the eyeshadows, the quality varied widely between types of shadows (matte, shimmer, glitter) and shades (purple, pink, brown, etc) and their usability. Unfortunately, the purple toned shades proved to be the hardest to work with. The other brighter shades (bright pink, green, red) were easy to work with and had much better pigmentation.

The two blushes were decent and the highlight shade was smooth and silky as was the contour shade. 

The lip shades, first I am always concerned that powder products will end up stuck in the lip products in open palettes such as this one. The lip shades tended to have sheerer payoff. The bright red was the most pigmented and was comfortable on thr lips whereas the sheerer shades felt more like thick gloss or lipstick and could be quite sticky. 

The black eyeliner was good for a plain black wood pencil. It was smooth and creamy, very black and easy to use. Since I have more black eyeliner pencils than I will ever need, a generic black eyeliner pencil is only so useful to me, but a basic necessity to someone just starting out.
This would be best for an older girl, tween, or young teenager (or young adult) who wants to explore makeup without spending a lot of money to do so.

The third and fourth items were my favorites. Third is a great brow kit for both beginners and more advanced users. I was impressed with the quality of the brow powders which are all highly pigmented.

There are so many choices for brow powder that it is easy to pick and choose or mix two or three to get ones perfect shade. The duel ended chubby brow pencil is creamy and highly pigmented. The brushes and tweezers are all of very good quality and add to incompleteness this kit offers. There are also 5 brow stencils, clear brow gel, brow wax, and highlighter shades to finish ones look.
I was pleasantly surprised with how much I have enjoyed using this unassuming kit! This is a wonderful way to start out or continue in your quest for always having “brows on fleek”

And last but not least is a set of 6 matte lipsticks ranging in shades from deeper berry, bright red, orange-red, pink, pinky-nude, and nude. The latter 3 are less bold than the former 3, but I really like mixing the deep berry shade with one of the lighter shades for a more wearable (daily) berry that is still great for fall.

I really like the formula, pigmentation, and simple packaging of the lipsticks. The formula is very very similar to another brand with similar packaging named after greek mythology.
The formula is very comfortable and moderately long wearing. I have been enjoying wearing the the second and third shades from the left (swatches) the most as they are the most neutral everyday shades for me. That said both the deeper berry and brighter red look fabulous on for a bolder lip. I have also toned down the deeper berry shade with the lightest shade (first swatch on the left).

I would recommend these lipsticks as an inexpensive way to add to ones lipstick stash and/or an easy way to try a few shades that are bolder without breaking the bank.

What products have you tried recently? Anything new? What have you tried from Profusion?!?



You can easily find Profusion Cosmetics;

On their website






Too Faced: A Behind the Scenes Visit to HQ!

Too Faced: A Behind the Scenes Visit to HQ!
Yesterday I had the incredible experience of being able to visit Too Faced Headquarters! This visit had been in the works for a few months and I am so thrilled that yesterday was the day!

When I first arrived I was greeted and asked if I wanted to have photos taken in front of the huge sparkly Too Faced on the wall in the entryway. OF COURSE! Who wouldn’t want photo of themselves in front of that?!?!

Too Faced HQ is just GORGEOUS! And on top of how beautiful the entire place is, it is also dog friendly! How many places of work actually have a grassy area specifically for dogs?!? And of course there is a lovely display of the dogs of many of the employees!

Too Faced is pretty well known for their lines of chocolate themed products from bronzers, to eyeshadow palettes, and even foundation! So it came as NO surprise that they have beautiful displays of chocolates with and without their products in the jars too. 

I told Nicole (the wonderful woman who gave me a tour) that, THAT is my kind of chocolate bar! The cosmetics kind.

Even the kitchen/lunchroom/break room is incredibly lovely! And the area outside is amazing! What a wonderful area to have in such a thoughtfully designed space!

One of my favorite rooms had to be where there are mock up shelves just like the ones in Sephora both here in the states and internationally! 

AND I was able to see what their holiday shelf displays look like too! 

The holiday collections are so beautiful! The packaging is just so detailed! I could easily ‘get lost’ looking at EVERYTHING! 

On the of the walls in the mock up shelves room had photos for inspiration pinned up! 

I also saw props left over from a recent holiday launch event they had. Who wouldn’t want a giant picture of one of their lipsticks?

I couldn’t resist taking photos of the fabulous artwork all over their office!

One of my favorites was the one with all their different Sweetheart blushes. Oh how I would LOVE to have THAT hanging over my vanity!

Each meeting room is designed with a theme! There is a Paris meeting room and one with kisses on the windows! 

I even saw the studio where founder Jerrod Blandino films videos for his YouTube series. And where YouTube stars are able to film too! Maybe one day…

Nicole asked me what my favorite Too Faced product was and I thought for a moment and replied,”Glitter Glue Shadow Insurance”. She said that, that was not something most people mentioned. I responded that I use it quite frequently, often in conjunction with one of their loose glitters/shimmers. I think their Glitter Glue is an “unsung hero” of their cosmetics line. 

After Nicole gave me a tour of the entire office, she generously gave me a gift bag with all 10 of the new Born This Way Concealers as well as the entire Melted Matte lipstick line (well, 17 of the 18 since they did not have that one), the Peanut Butter & Jelly eyeshadow palette, Totally Cute eyeshadow palette, 3 bronzers (Milk Chocolate, Sun Bunny, and Beach Bunny), 2 Love Blushes (Justify My Love and Love Hangover), 1 Sweethearts blush in Sparkling Bellini, 1 Sweethearts Bronzer in Sweet Tea, a Better than Sex mascara, and a new Glitter Glue Shadow Insurance!

What makeup dreams are made of! I was blown away at the generous gift bag! I am so appreciative and grateful for all the goodies and for the time it took to show me around! And I look forward to trying out all the new products!

A MASSIVE THANK YOU TO JAIME, NICOLE, AND EVERYONE AT TOO FACED for allowing me to visit yesterday! I had such a fabulous time!

Right before I left, Nicole brought out their Can’t Stop Watching YouTubers sign to show me everyone who had visited before and had signed the poster. And she asked ME to sign it too!!! [Although I do wish I had thought to snap a photo of just the sign too. Hindsight is always 20/20.]

I cannot wait to see what Too Faced comes out with next! Oh, wait, I did see some of it! I cannot wait for everyone else to see the upcoming holiday collection!

I want to know what is YOUR favorite Too Faced product?!? And are you looking forward to their holiday 2016 collection? 


IpsyOS Events Part 1: Intro & Dermalogica

IpsyOS Events Part 1: Intro & Dermalogica
Did you know that Michelle Phan (co-founder of the uber popular subscription service Ipsy which has well over 1.5 million monthly subscribers) opened up her dream studio for up and coming beauty content creators last year? And that those creators could use that space for free?!?

No, you hadn’t?

Well, guess what?!?

I applied to and was excepted into IpsyOS

When I opened that email and saw that it said, “Hello Beautiful, Congrats” I seriously full on squealed!! (you know, like out loud) I was amazed that they thought my little piece of the internet was worthy.

And since I was accepted I have had the honor of attending 3 #ThirstyThursday events, 1 #WorkoutWednesday event, 1 #Cocktail Party for GenBeauty LA, and was given a complimentary #BeautyGuru #VIP pass for #GenBeauty LA!!

So just after a month after I was accepted into IpsyOS I attended my first event AT IpsyOS in Santa Moncia! This event was sponsored by Dermalogica and featured their new #CharcoaltotheRescue Charcoal Masque.
We were able to learn about how to use the other featured products and how often to use each based on our individual skin types. There was wonderful catered food and plenty of champagne, well the event IS called a #ThirstyThursday! [SIDE NOTE: Because I strongly believe in safe driving, I. Will. Never. Drink. One, Sip. Of. Alcohol. When. Driving. NOT EVER!]
Dermalogica also had the incredibly talented @persianpainter at the event to create gorgeous charcoal drawings of us. I still need to get a frame so I can better display this near my vanity. I cannot remember ever having a portrait/caricature drawn of me where the artist spent that amount of detail!

Towards the end of the event we were each given a generous goodie bag that contained ALL of the products that were being featured! Included in each attendee bag from Dermalogica was their Pre-Cleanse, Special Cleansing Gel, Charcoal Rescue Masque, Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque, Skin Hydrating Masque and the cutest grey headband perfect for keeping my hair out of my face while washing my face for applying makeup!
I am so appreciative to Dermalogica for putting on such a fun evening. I was a bit nervous with this being my first event, but the majority of attendees and all of the IpsyOS and Dermalogica staff that I met were amazing!

Have you used Dermalogica? If so, what is your favorite product? And if not, what product would you want to try most?

All the best,

If you are interested in trying Ipsy please consider using my referral link!

Please make sure you are following me on Instagram and Snapchat (jaclynsmusings)!!

UPDATE: Beginning to Begin (again) Part 4!

**PART 4 (last portion) of my Hello! and Beginning to Begin, again post! You can find Parts 1, 2, and 3 by clicking on the numbers**

Since I was not in any medical danger, Dr. M said I should finish my school term and see him again after finals which also gave me a chance to digest everything. It turned out that the cement surrounding the short smooth stem in the femur cracked allowing the device to begin slipping out of place.

This was a possible (although very unlikely) outcome for choosing that short smooth stem. I do NOT at all regret nor have I ever regretted my decision to have a short smooth stem used in the femoral part of the device. I was just unlucky.

For some reason being unlucky seems to just happen to me a LOT. Because I had been infection free (knock on wood) for several years, Dr. M recommended a completely different type of device that does not use cement. No cement means no cement can fracture or degrade. Instead pins are used to affix the device into the bone. This also requires a secondary incision on the lateral (outside) part of the thigh. And this option has a longer recovery period including being non-weight bearing for two months post-op in order to let new bone begin to heal around the pins prior to putting full weight on the leg. Not waiting enough time can cause the device to fail and I told Dr. M that I WAS NOT DOING THIS AGAIN. I’ll talk about more this surgery in a separate post as there were a LOT of problems this time with the hospital and anesthesiologist.

On my last visit, Dr. M said that there was enough new bone growth around the pins for me to be able to start going to PT (physical therapy) again. I just had my PT evaluation this past week and begin going to PT this Tuesday. Unfortunately neither of the awesome physical therapists that I had before still work at this clinic (the second was promoted to being director at another clinic and the first received such a fabulous job offer at an adult day care center that she could not refuse). When I was last there was two years ago my second primary PT was promoted a therapist from the clinic he was going to basically switched places with him it was known that I had originally planned on switching to his new clinic. I felt that this new physical therapist was perhaps not so happy with the switch and I felt like she took her resentment out on me.

I purposely scheduled my visits for when they came back from lunch as the clinic was when there were less people in the gym making it easier for my physical therapist to spend more one-on-one time with me. Even with the gym being essentially empty this new woman would only spend 5-10 brusque minutes with me instead of the 40-60 or so minutes that I had always received before. This continued for the three weeks I was there before my trip to San Francisco. At first I thought maybe she was having a bad day, but when it continued I began to not want to go anymore. I felt that the way she was treating me was extremely unprofessional, inconsiderate, rude, selfish, and petty.

So when I called to make my eval this time and was told it she might be the one doing the eval I explained why I was very uncomfortable working with her and requested the other therapist. Unfortunately, the day before I received a call saying that, that therapist had some kind of family emergency and would be out the rest of June. I am truly sorry that he had some kind of emergency and I wish him the best. But I was NOT at all happy to learn that the one I wanted to avoid was going to be doing the eval unless I wanted to wait a few more weeks which I didn’t. But for the very first time, I would be switching teams following the eval. While she was polite during the eval I didn’t feel that she was very thorough. I felt that she rushed through parts of it and once again spent very little one-on-one time with me. And at the end when I normally would receive ice she didn’t even write for it and was of course out of the room at that moment. But I felt done and figured I could ice just as well at home as I have the same ice pack.

So when I went to make my appointments for that week I confirmed that I would be switching to a different team. This team contains two PTs, one that I know somewhat because my sister used to see him and the other I have not worked with directly before.

I am a bit nervous as in ALL time I have spent doing PT, I have always been on the same team in the back room. Now I’ll be on the other side of the gym where two teams work. I know no one can ever completely take the place of either of the two primary PTs I’ve had, but I hope that I will be treated with professionalism and kindness without any residual feelings of resentment.

So with a new round of gait training (ie learning how to walk) ongoing and being able to take a part time load of classes it is time for be to Begin, again.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Yours truly,

**You can find Parts 1, 2, and 3 by clicking the corresponding numbers.**

Please find me on Instagram and all other social media @jaclynsmusings


UPDATE: Beginning to Begin (again) Part 3!

**PART 3 of my Hello! and Beginning to Begin, again post! You can find Parts 1, 2, and 4 by clicking on the numbers**

Just as planned I had the first in a series of three surgeries on June 13, 2011 which was the beginning of phase one: Deconstruction and Clean up! All of the diseased, damaged, and infected bone was removed. Next Dr. M used several gallons of an antibiotic/antiseptic solution with was is essentially a very large wire brush (like one uses for bottles) to literally scrub the inside of my bones, up the femur to the hip, down the tibia to the ankle. Surrounding soft tissue was also cleansed. A lightweight metal rod was inserted as a place keeper to keep the soft tissue from collapsing without bone connecting the thigh region to the calf.

Numerous antibiotic beads were also put throughout the entire area. What NO ONE ever tells you is that antibiotic beads as well as cutting bone BURN horrifically. If you are familiar with the 1-10 pain scale, this type of excruciating pain ranks about a 15. The pain was so incredible that I was sent home on a PCA (patient controlled analgesic) pump. I was still in horrific pain even WITH the continuous IV pain medication. I spent the summer of 2011 completely non-weight bearing on my left leg as there was NO knee joint or bone in that region in a straight leg brace, wheelchair bound, and essentially bed bound.

It was during this time that the seed of an idea of starting a blog was planted. I desperately needed something to do, to look forward to doing. And there was a lot to learn about blogging from html coding, to deciding whether to use wordpress or blogspot, whether to be self hosted, what I wanted the site to look like, and what to name it.
Fast forward to May 2014, I had completed a FULL year, TWO semesters of (community) college. I had not been physically able to successfully complete a college term in 9 years! I had been out of PT (physical therapy) for a year and was able to pretty much do whatever I wanted. And what I wanted most was to travel. I had been dreaming of traveling for so many years. I could not believe that it was actually happening. Last summer I spent 6 weeks traveling throughout the east coast. (I’ll write more about this later one). The only problem was when I was out walking on Memorial Day my leg buckled. I did not actually fall and my leg had buckled many times before, but this time was different. I started having pain. The pain persisted. I tried to get an appointment with my surgeon but couldn’t until July when I was supposed to be back east. I went to urgent care as I was quite concerned especially with my trip just a couple weeks away. They did not think there was anything seriously wrong, but at least agreed to getting xrays. I was surprised when the films came back fine. But continued to prepare for my trip.

Unfortunately, the pain in my leg did not get better. It ended up getting worse while I was away. While I did have some amazing experiences during my trip, the continuing and later increasing pain definitely put a damper on everything which caused me to not be able to do many things I had wanted to. 

August brought the start of school and still had not been able to see Dr. M as my appointments kept getting canceled. Once again my pain doctor, Dr. G. tried to figure out what was wrong by ordering further studies which just did not reveal the problem. It was October by the time we figured out the problem and it was not one of the two possibilities Dr. M had said he thought it was. And the ONLY solution to this problem was surgery.

Yours truly,


**You can find Parts 1, 2, and 4 by clicking the corresponding numbers.**

Please find me on Instagram and all other social media @jaclynsmusings

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