Ready or Not…

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Ready or Not…

In just a little while I will be heading up to downtown L.A. to meet with my orthopedic surgeon. Back in June, I underwent the first of three surgeries on my left leg. My appointment today isn’t just a routine follow up. This is the first time I’m seeing the surgeon in outpatient clinic since the surgery. And today he will be preforming an aspiration procedure on my ‘knee’ (or more accurately, where my knee used to be). Unfortunately, this is not my first aspiration so I am not at all naive as far as what to expect. Even though the doctor will ‘numb it up’ in my experience that doesn’t do a whole lot. So needless to say, I am NOT looking forward to this procedure.

BUT I (logically) understand exactly why this is needed. This will basically be a progress report. Assuming the cultures come back negative, then that should be a pretty good indicator that the surgery in June was successful in ridding my leg of infection. Which had been brewing for over two and a half years. I am very nervous and a bit scared about the procedure, which I know is very normal. Who wouldn’t be nervous and scared if they were going to have a very large needle stuck into their leg? If only I could just skip ahead a couple hours til this evening when it is all done. Or better yet, if only there was a less invasive and painful way of checking what is going on in there.  I know that all the wishful thinking in the world will not change what needs to be done. So I will let myself be nervous and scared. But I will not  let my anxiety get the best of me. I will get through this procedure and be another step closer to the next surgery. And afterwards, I will likely go out for a treat (frozen yogurt). Ice cream (or frozen yogurt) still can make things “all better” or at least a little bit better. ;-) So Ready or Not it is time to go…

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Ready or Not…

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