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Today’s the Day! Part 1

As many of you know, today is the day I go in for major surgery. At the time this is scheduled to post, I should actually be in surgery! While I’m excited to finally be getting my brand new knee-joint, surgery is and of it self, very scary. And I should know, I’ve had 15 surgeries prior to today! All in the last 7 years. Picture is of a single low profile indwelling surgically implanted port. 

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I am so excited! Just a little while ago, I surpassed 100 fans on my blog’s facebook page!! Like I said several days ago, as soon as that happened I would host my very first giveaway! And it happened!!! :-D (if you can’t tell, I’m very excited) This is the very first time I have ever held a giveaway myself even though I have entered many of them. I decided to use Rafflecopter as it is very user friendly for both the participants and the host. And with me going in for surgery in two days, I wanted easy.

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The Countdown Begins!

In just 3 days from now I will be having the second in a series of three surgeries to reconstruct my leg. This upcoming surgery will be the most major of the three and longer than the last (which was over 6 hours). It is during this surgery that I get my new custom-made knee-joint! I will likely be in the hospital for several weeks as after the initial recovery I will go to acute rehab for intensive physical and occupational therapies.

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Almost Time For My Very First GIVEAWAY!!!

I have decided that its almost time for a giveaway!! As soon as there are 100 ‘likes’ on my Facebook fan page I will post a giveaway! :-) I haven’t yet decided on whether to use rafflecopter or google docs as the entry form. I have entered giveaways using both and think I’m pretty much aware of the pros and cons of each. If I get to 75 GFC followers by the time the giveaway ends then there will be 2 prizes! What are the prizes you may ask? Well, I’m not going to tell you just yet! ;-) (hey, I’ve got to have my fun with this too, hehe) The faster we get to 100+ fans on Facebook the sooner the giveaway goes live!



Its Time For Take Over Tuesday Twitter Edition!

Welcome to Take Over Tuesday, a Facebook and Twitter hop, hosted by Closer to LucyThe Thrifty Things,  and  3 Princes and a Princess 2. Each week we will have either a Twitter or Facebook Hop. This week, it’s Twitter!



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