Adjustments, Slips, and Spills

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Adjustments, Slips, and Spills

Tomorrow I head back to the surgeon’s office for yet another one of my bi-weekly visits. While it is a drag having to schlep up to their office and having to often wait hours to see the P.A. (Physicians Assistant) I know it is well worth it.

And I am very lucky to have such a close family friend who is just wonderful company and we often will go out for dinner or something afterwards. That really does help to make the whole experience so much better!

the adjustment I have to prove myself worthy. I do this by laying on my back and (with my brace off) lift my leg up all the while trying to hold it as straight as possible. As long as the goniometer (measuring device to be able to tell the angle the joint is at – see picture to the left) shows that I’m holding my leg at 20° or less then he’ll change the brace!

At my last appointment I was able to hold my leg up at 14° the first time and 16° the second time which he said was very good. I just hope I can do as well if not better than last time. The only thing is I’m afraid that it’ll be much more difficult this time.

On Friday afternoon my sister and I were getting ready to run errands before P.T. (physical therapy) appointment. I was in the bathroom with my walker heading to the sink and I slipped on a patch of water that unbeknownst to me had been spilled on the floor earlier that day.

The part of the bathroom floor that I had already walked on was dry and I had no reason to suspect that it was wet, that is until I slipped. I was ‘lucky’ in that I landed on the toilet seat and not the floor, but my left leg immediately collapsed to the max! the brace allows (60°) and my heel jammed on the floor.

I screamed and my sister came running. The whole thing happened so very fast and really frightened by Rebekah and me. So instead of going out I went back to bed and immediately put ice on my throbbing heel-foot-ankle-Achilles tendon.

After talking to Denise (one of my physical therapists) who said that I was not to go in for P.T. that afternoon, ordered to rest the entire weekend, ice frequently, come in on Monday so she could check it out, and that I was to call the doctor (on call) if anything felt off.

So its now been a few days since the slip and the and it is still a big OWWIE My knee though, does seem to be any worse for the ware. But the back of my foot-heel-Achilles tendon continuing to hurt A LOT. *sigh* I am very scared and concerned that this slip could set me back by a couple weeks!

All I can do is take of myself, Follow Denise’s orders and stay off my leg (just for now), and ice on as frequently as possible. So little does the P.A. know, that I’d be bringing in much more than he was bargining for. Unless he also reads my blog! ;-) In which case, Hi C* and Dr. M


*Disclosure – I have been granted permission to write the first names only of my Physical Therapies as well as the first name of my sister!

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5 Responses to “

Adjustments, Slips, and Spills

  • Rebekah says:

    Hi sisser!
    I can’t tell you how scared I was when I heard your scream nearly my whole body started shaking! Its now just a memory and I am so glad it wasn’t anything super major!

    • Jaclyn says:

      Hi Sisser!
      *I know* you were very scared and I’m sorry I scared you. I am also very very glad and grateful that I didn’t injure anything else and nothing seriously. It was extremely scary for me too! And the pain just after it happened was so extremely intense that, that alone really terrified me.

      I’m glad it is ‘just a memory’ now, but that memory is still very fresh and still scares me. One of my worst fears is having another fall. I had a fear of falling from back even before I started gymnastics!

      Isn’t it ironic how balance beam ended up as my best and favorite event? I know I (obviously) had excellent balance, but I’m pretty sure my fear of falling certainly helped me to be able to actually STAY on the beam. So even without being able to do many of the more difficult skills that many of my teammates could do, I ended up out scoring quite a few of them.

      I was able to do this partly by taking the time to understand and LEARN the code book, figure out which skills would earn me the most points, figure out in which skills and combinations of skills would earn me the most points (and in what order as that matter as well) and then spent a LOT of time working to make my routines as clean as possible.

      That combined with actually staying ON the beam allowed me to slowly creep up each week or so on the competition lineup. In 10th grade I started on the lowest rank of the competition roster and had to defend my stop every week. Then as the season progressed I started to move up slots, that continued and by the time I had graduated, I had worked by way up through the JV roster to the lower third of Varsity. But Varsity nonetheless!

      Anyways, back to my point, all of that not only taught me all about physically working out very hard (I had already been working very hard academically for all of my schooling history, so I was no stranger to THAT. Amazingly, I still have very good balance and that has been helping me tremendously as I’m learning how to stand centered and balance, even though it’s been several years since I last did or taught gymnastics.

      So thank you very much Mr. M*, for all you did for me in high school and all the non-gymnastics lessons that you taught us. I will always be grateful and appreciative of the time I spent in your gym! I don’t know if you, Mr. M* quite understand just how much you’ve impacted my life? Even you, Rebekah, too gymnastics in high school just so you’d be able to have the same coach you saw me have many years earlier.
      I know I got off topic and will probably post about gymnastics at some point. What do you think of that idea?
      I love you little sister!

  • irwin says:

    I am sorry that you fell and injured yourself. I hope that you have a speedy recovery from this, and are able to continue with your therapy asap.

    Thanks for your blogs. They are very entertaining.

    This is a great interview.

  • Shila Craigue says:

    I am always interested in learning physical therapy since i frequently get sore muscles after a hard days of weight training. *’”‘.

    My very own online site

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