Review: Mind Over Matter by S.J. Clarke

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Review: Mind Over Matter by S.J. Clarke

Review: Mind Over Matter by S.J. Clarke
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Mind Over Matter by S.J. Clarke is about a divorced woman whose daughter, Sabrina, was kidnapped 3 years earlier. Rebecca McKenney has a vision of Sabrina now, appropriately older. She is convinced that her daughter is in fact very much alive and goes to see the FBI agent in charge of the case years earlier.

Dan Cooper is the former FBI agent who was the lead on Sabrina’s kidnapping case and because of a possible mistake he made 3 years earlier he agrees to help Rebecca pursue looking for her daughter now. He doesn’t believe in Rebecca having any sort of psychic vision. As Dan and Rebecca begin to dig through all the old leads they start to find a very sinister conspiracy that goes back decades.

I gave Mind Over Matter 4 out of 5 stars as I did overall really enjoy the novel. I would have liked it to be a bit longer as I felt some of the plot points were a bit rushed. The digital edition of the book that I had was a short 160 pages and I felt what was there was overall well written.

I would have liked there to have been more time spent on what had happened to Sabrina during the three years from when she was kidnapped to present day. And why she was so important to the organization if you will. I also would have liked there to have been more dynamic character development.

Even though I thought the ending was fairly well written and much better than many I’ve read recently. I still would have liked to have more follow up with some of the minor characters at the end of the novel. Perhaps having an Epilogue to be able to more fully wrap up some ‘loose threads’ would have worked well. I’m deliberately being vague as I do not like to reveal too much information or ‘spoilers’ in my reviews.

Mind Over Matter is the first novel by S.J. Clarke and is available now.


~~By the way, I would LOVE to hear comments from you as to whether you think that this is the type of book you would or would not enjoy and why! When I initially read a little blurb that came in one of my book tour host request emails, I had decided that this did in fact sound like something that I’d like. How do YOU choose books that do sound attractive to you? Is it by an eye catching cover? The title? The description? A combination of the above? Or something else entirely? I would love to hear all about how (and even where) do you purchase your print and/or e-book, and new and/or used copies of books! I‘d like to start a discussion [in the comments] on this and then plan to write a post about it in the next several weeks.~~

Author’s website:
Author’s Twitter page:!/sandrajc
Author’s Facebook page:: Over Matter Facebook page:

*Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the author and Bewitching Book Tours as part of their book tour. Please see my disclaimer policy for more information.

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3 Responses to “

Review: Mind Over Matter by S.J. Clarke

  • Sandra Clarke
    Twitter: sandrajc

    Thanks for taking the time to review the book Jaclyn!

    PS: Those lose threads get tied up in future books in the series:)

    As for your question on what entices a reader to pick up the book, I’ll add my opionion, if it’s all right with you.

    I know this has nothing to do with the author – and I feel just a bit shallow for it – but the cover gets my hands on the book. The back of the book blurb comes next. Then any small preview that might appear in the “opening credits” as it were. Finally, if I haven’t made my choice by then, or if I’ve never read that author before, I read the first few pages.

    PPS: Cover artists never get the attention they deserve. The cover artist for Mind Over Matter is Delilah K. Stephens.
    Sandra Clarke recently posted..Day 2 on the Tour: My Guilty PleasuresMy Profile

  • Sophia Rose says:

    Well, the book does sound good to me because it touches on the genres I like in combo.

    As to what about a new book grabs my attention? There are several factors. If its a discussion around the watercooler, I am attracted by genre and description of heroes and plot. If its in a store, cover grabs me first the front and then the back. If I’m near my computer, I also check the reviews. I like to read both the best and worst. Sometimes what people consider the worst thing is actually a selling point for me. I am also very influenced to take a look at a book by reading blogger reviews.

    Interesting discussion question!

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