Review: Starlooks’ July Starbox 2012" />

Review: Starlooks’ July Starbox 2012

Review: Starlook’s July Starbox
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

I was so excited to receive my July Starbox after loving everything about the June box I received a few weeks ago. Once again I received my box very quickly although I don’t live very far from where Starlooks is based. While the last box focused on a specific part of the face, the eyes, this one focus on a trend. You can read my review of June’s Starbox by clicking HERE.

When I opened the box I could tell immediately what the colors of the eyeshadow and blush were, but obviously couldn’t see the shade of lipstick. I have to say when I saw the color of the lipstick I wasn’t thrilled. The shade is called Citron and so is in the orange family, tangerine specifically. I dislike the color in general and even more so in cosmetics. I know it is a popular color at the moment, but cringed when I saw it. (just click on a photo to enlarge it)

At least when I did try it on it wasn’t as bad as I thought, but I really can’t see myself wearing it more than one or two more times. I do love the tendergloss lipstick formula itself though. It isn’t dry or sticky feeling and stayed on for quite a while. So I hope to get to try a different shade sometime soon.


Also included was a shade of blush called Classy and is a highlighter. While I have plenty of pink blushes and bronzers, I don’t have a shade that is anything quite like this. Until recently I didn’t even wear blush much because my cheeks tended to turn pink all on their own and I did what I could to cover it up.

I definitely am looking forward to playing more around with this highlighter. I like that there is a definite shimmer, but isn’t overdone. I can’t help it I love shimmer! I also really like this formula it is very lightweight and very build-a-ble. With how light my skin is though it didn’t take much to make it show up brightly in the swatches below.

As I was hoping, another eyeshadow was included. This time the shade is called Gold Dust (which really does say it all). While the card says that it is not too yellow or too copper in tone, I think it is a bit too yellow for my taste. And with my light skin it did seem a bit too yellow to me. That said I just love the silky smooth formula.

The only differences between the two photos is the lighting as I tried to show as accurately as I could what each looked like. The Gold Dust eyeshadow is at the top, followed by the Classy blush/highlighter, and last but not least Citron tendergloss lipstick.

I just can’t get over how fabulous these eyeshadows feel! I love how easily it applies and how smooth it is. Like the blush, it is very easy to build up how much or little you want. It did take several layers to build the shadow enough to be vividly visible in the swatches photos I took.


This time Starlooks included two bonuses. First was a good size two mirror compact with a different magnification on each side. Mine came a little scratched up on the outside, but since it’ll likely get scratched up in my purse or makeup bag anyways so it’s not a big deal. A folding mirror compact is always useful.


The second was a quartz crystal that Starlooks says will come in every box. They say these “crystals attract energy, help maintain focus, and are the ultimate symbol of beauty.” I haven’t decided what I am going to do with mine just yet. I’ve played around with wire wrapped jewelry a little and just might try wire wrapping the quartz to make a pendant.


Overall I am very happy with my July Starlook’s Starbox and very much look forward to the next box. If you decide to try this awesome service yourself please mention my name Jaclyn Cotton or my blog Jaclyn’s Musings as your referral. I would greatly appreciate it.


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