Review: Nailuv at Home Gel Polish System" />

Review: Nailuv at Home Gel Polish System

Review: Nailuv at Home Gel Polish System
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


Just before the holidays, I got the chance to try out an at home gel polish kit from Nailuv. I was attracted to Nailuv because not only do they sell UV lamps, but also LED ones and because they are based in my relative vacinity in Southern California. I find supporting local, small, and up and coming busniesses attractive. I was sent their intro kit which includes everything needed to get started a 4 watt LED lamp, bonder, base/top coat, nail polish remover, nail polish cleaner, cuticle pusher, nail file, and one polish in homebody not (bright red).

The red lamp is heart shaped with the LEDs glowing bluish-purple when turned on. The only thing that would have made it more convinent would be for the lamp to include two timed settings in 30 and 45 seconds which is the lenght of time needed for the various coats. Also included in the box are a set of well written and easy to follow instructions. The first time I tried I read the direcitons the process seemed daunting, but it really wasn’t that bad. And while it IS necessary to “bake” the nails after each coat (except for the inital bonder layer which quickly air dries), it was amazing that my nails were actually HARD afterwards and not that ‘soft’ dry regularly polished nails are for up to several hours afterwards.


I have a knack of always being able to mess up at least one nail when I use ‘regular’ polish, but was thrilled when ALL my nails came out smooth without having to redo that one (or two) nail(s) several times. While a bright red polish was included in the box, Nailuv has many shades to choose from also including several glitters. But I found the glitters to have a very sheer base and work better over another shade. Even though the directions say to apply thin coats, I, of course, applied a WAY too thick coat that first time that resulted in a very uneven coating that was visably thicker in some areas than others.

I am loving how smooth and shiny my nails look with gel polish compared to “regular” non-gel polish. And it lasts significantly longer without chipping than my non-gel polish ever did. I am looking forward to experimenting with designs and embellishments. While I did use to enjoy having my nails done at a salon, I haven’t had been in well over 5 years, in part due to my health and also as there have been rising concerns (and articles) about unsanitary practices leading to infections. I’ve had more infections (and potentially deadly serious ones) than any family should have and so I’d much prefer to indulge in painting my nails from the comfort (and safety) of my home.


I gave this at home gel polish system 4 stars because in many ways this doesn’t cut down on the time needed to do a self manicure. That is mainly from the sheer number of steps one must go through. According to the very nicely detailed instructions, one should scuff up her nails with the side of a nail file (and always go in just one direction and not back and forth like a saw), then wash her hands to get rid of dust, then apply a thin coating of the bonder and allow it to (air) dry for about 30 seconds, then its time to apply the first layer of the base/top coat and “bake” it under the lamp for 45 seconds. Afterwards comes the most fun part which is to apply (a thin layer of) the actual nail polish followed by 30 seconds under the LED lights. Repeat until desired sheer or opaque-ness pausing to let each thin coat harden under the lights. Follow up with another layer of the base/top coat for 45 seconds. The last thing is the use just a tiny bit of the included cleanser to remove the oiliness from ones nails. But the advantage is once I completed this process. my nails were completely harden solving my problem of smudging some of my nails within minutes up to a couple hours of finishing painting my nails.

You can purchase a starter kit from Nailuv for $125 (HERE) or look for Nailuv on daily deal sites like or

*Disclaimer: The product mentioned in this review was sent to me by the company or PR representative in exchange for my honest review. Please see my disclaimer for more information. The link included above for Hautelook is a referral link*

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Review: Nailuv at Home Gel Polish System”

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