Review: Starlooks’ Starbox February Birthday Box 2013" />

Review: Starlooks’ Starbox February Birthday Box 2013

Review: Starlooks’ Starbox February Birthday Box 2013

Ratting: 4.5 out of 5 stars


Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me! Well you know how the rest goes! My birthday is in February which meant that I’d be receiving the special Starlooks’ Birthday Starbox! I had looked up what those who received birthday boxes in the fall which the program started and loved that there was a matching lipstick and lipliner along with a body glitter and a hand written note from Starlooks.


I hadn’t looked up if the box contents had changed as I’d thought they’d wait until the fall to chance it when is when the birthday box program first began. In hindsight I understand that they changed the contents based on an item we’d be receiving in February. So without further ado my February Birthday Starbox. The first item is a kohl eyeliner in Onyx (black). It is nice, it has very good pigmentation, little drag, and is very smooth. But it isn’t special the way their Diamondline pencils are! It is a good basic black eyeliner. but is probably not something I’d purchase.


Just like in last fall’s box, I received a matching lipstick and lipliner, but unlike last year’s stunning coraly-pink shade, I received the shade called Kinky which is a BRIGHT red. *sigh* I really don’t like bright reds [on me that is]. They make me feel like an old lady and just don’t look very good on me. I’ve noticed that lately nearly every service has sent out a red lip product. Yet I have not ONCE seen a berry or wine shade of lip product. That said I am very appreciative that Starlooks cares enough to send out birthday boxes! I wish there was a way to have ranked a few lip colors so that each person could receive a shade that they are more interested in trying. Especially since Starlooks has already sent out a reddish shade, back in October’s box in the shade known as Masquarade.


Since I first opened the box, I’ve slowly become much more fond of the Kinky lipstick. What I do is I put a thin coat followed by a coat of the tendergloss lipstick in Nude that I received in the November Starbox. I wasn’t super fond of that lipstcik either as I prefer mine to be the pink-berry-wine shades. Nevertheless, I decided to try mixing the to lipsticks and voila! I found a custom shade that I am enjoying! I highly recommend trying to mix any lip colors that are out of your comfort zone to either tone down (or up) the shade based on your own personal preference.


If receiving 3-4 FULL sized cosmetic items (although frequently more items are included as bonuses) each month sounds interesting to you then you should check out Starlooks’ Starbox! For $16.98 (includes $1.98 shipping) you’ll receive extremely good quality products and be introduced to a variety of products in the process. Plus customer service is amazing! And its so easy to get in touch (and receive a response) from the founder and creator of Starlooks Marci Lieberman personally!


Staring as of January 2013, there will be a three month rotation of Neutrals, Mixed Neutrals/Bold, and Bold products with January being Mixed. That means the next month you can subscribe in time for is April which will be Mixed Neutrals/Bold. If you sign up after the first of the month, then you won’t receive your first box until the following month. Also Starbox is the ONLY subscription that I know of that sends you a birthday box during your birth month for no additional charge. Since February is my birth month, I have already received mine and will be posting my review shortly! If you DO decide to subscribe, PLEASE mention me, Jaclyn Cotton or my blog Jaclyn’s Musings where it asks about who referred you. I’d really apprecaite it!


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