Review: Starlooks Starbox March" />

Review: Starlooks Starbox March


Review: Starlooks Starbox March

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars



I just love Starlooks Starbox and March’s box is no exception! This month we received 3 items (always full sizes) and a sample of soon to be launched product! The “theme” for March is Blue and so we of course received one blue product. But blue is not very specific and could mean a million shades so without further ado, the March edition of Starlooks Starbox.



First item listed on the card is one of their ultra moisturizing lipsticks this time in the shade Flutter which is a reddish-copper shade with golden shimmer. When I first pulled it out and saw the color in the tube I was disappointed because I thought that in the tube it looked a bit like Masquerade that we received in October’s Starbox.



Once I actually swatched it, I completely made a reversal in thinking and now LOVE it. I don’t own any other lipstick that is anything close to this shade and honestly, I wouldn’t have picked it up for myself on my own. I saw other reviews saying that this shade is too similar to other shades we’ve received in the past and so I will be posting a follow up review with swatches of ALL the shades of lipstick and tendergloss lippies very soon. Unlike the other lipsticks I have from Starlooks, Flutter has an almost matte feel to the base with a golden sheen for sparkle on top. But it isn’t shiny per se, if that makes any sense.



The next item is the Blue item, but it is a very dark navy blue eyeshadow called Disarray. The first thing I noticed is the difference in packaging from the single shadows in boxes last summer. On the one hand I liked the older packaging better because of the hidden mini-applicator and mirror for touch ups on the go. BUT the new packaging is most definitely more sleek looking with the entire case being clear (instead of black), but no applicator or mirror of any kind are included. The casing matches the blush case we received in January’s box.


The color of the shadow itself is very pretty. I’ve read several reviews of what people have thought of this box and heard all sorts of descriptions for this shade, but not one that I came across mentioned that there is a purple sheen to this shadow giving it another layer of depth that changes based on the light. I don’t think I’ve ever owned a navy blue eyeshadow before and if I’d had received this a year ago or even last fall I’m pretty sure I would have been more intimidated by it. Below you can see swatches of both the lipstick and eyeshadow. It doesn’t look like the camera picked up the purple sheen that this shadow has, but I did my best to try to capture it.



Now I highly doubt I’d use this as an all over lid color, but I am envisioning a beautiful purple smokey eye with this as the crease color because of the purple notes in it. This shade, like the lipstick has a matte base with sparkle added. At least in my pot, I do not see any larger pieces, but more of a subtle shimmery sheen.


The third item is the long awaited mascara as no cosmetics line can be complete without (at least) one! This jet black legthening mascara comes beautifully packaged in a massive (and heavy) sleek black tube with a huge ‘tree’ like brush at the end. This fantastic formula applies easily without clumps and easily lasts all day without flaking off. It is so smooth and it dries very quickly.

By the time you finish applying to your second eye the first one is dry! And you can just layer coats of it until you get your desired look. I have to say that Starlooks’ very first mascara is definitely a success and I can wait to see what they come out with next!


The last item included is a little sample of their sugar lip scrub. The little container is so cute and I can easily see reusing it (once I use up the scrub) for my travel/purse makeup kit. This scrub smells amazing! Lip scrubs are perfect for exfoilating lips before applying lip product and especially helpful to use before applying a stain which (at least on me) tends to show every dry chapped spot on my lips. I look forward to seeing when this product actually launches! For now you can ONLY try it out with a purchase of the March Starbox which you can find on the Past Starbox page or by clicking (HERE).


As always a little quartz crystal is included in the box. I do like the idea of collecting them in a jar to use for a makeup brush holder, but don’t like just how long that will take with the teeny tiny sized ones I’ve been getting lately. Another idea is to wire wrap them, I’ve played around with wire wrapping a little bit, but may just have to experiment a bit more in the not too distant future.

I gave this Starbox 4.5 out of 5 stars because I’m just not sure how much use the lovely navy blue eyeshadow will get. I’ve already worn the lipstick a bunch of times and wear mascara quite frequently. I wish they would include a look guide in each box, like what was included in February’s special Lauren Clark box.


If you would like to subscribe to Starlooks Starbox you can do so by clicking (HERE). IF you do decide to join PLEASE consider mentioning me, Jaclyn Cotton, or my blog Jaclyn’s Musings as your referral. I would so greatly appreciate it. While it is too late to subscribe for the April box, you CAN subscribe anytime from now until May 1st for the May box. And you can always choose to purcahse a past box for $25 (only $10 more than originally and you’ll know exactly what is in it!).

What do you think of this March’s box?


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