GenBeauty LA 2015 & 2016

I LOVE Generation Beauty or GenBeauty as it is affectionately called. Last May, for the second year in a row I had the opportunity to attend this amazing event! I just received an email today that tickets for GenBeauty LA 2016 have just gone on sale. The catch is that instead of it being the last weekend in May/ first weekend of June it is the last weekend in January. It is literally the weekend immediately before the Spring semester begins. I am not complaining exactly since it means returning to the event only 8 months after the previous one. I am just not looking forward to what will likely be an even longer wait until the event after that.

Plus it taking place immediately after Spring semester was a great thing to look forward to. That said, I have already purchased my ticket as I expect tickets to sell out quite quickly. Plus the current pioneer rate is not only the cheapest price the tickets will be, but there is the protection of tickets being 100% refundable which later tickets are not. I do hope they cap the attendance this time (or move to a larger venue) as it was a bit tricky getting around in my wheelchair with THAT many people. Plus several booths ran out of their goodies within the first few hours of the first day. it was as if they had not be properly informed by Ipsy as to the number of tickets sold.

That said, I still had an amazing time! I met with so many fabulous brands and received so many incredible products that I am still working through! I will say a couple of my most favorite items that I received at GenBeauty include the super silky soft powder brush from IT Cosmetics which has quickly become my most favorite brush ever! I also received the brand new Born This Way Foundation from Too Faced before it was released to the public. It is a great foundation and one of my favorites! I also love the Complexion Rescue Tinted Moisturizer I received from Bare Minerals. This is one of my favorite daily use foundations as this truly gives me a my skin but better look.

If you live in Southern California or have the ability to travel I HIGHLY recommend attending GenBeauty. The sheer amount of goodies you receive just for attending are just amazing! Plus nearly every booth also gives away another goodie for visiting them and posting something on social media (usually Instagram). And nearly every booth has giveaways throughout the weekend.

I do want to say that the Ipsy staff were so kind and helpful before the doors opened they made sure I had a place to wait in the shade. They also brought me water and made sure I was one of the first inside so I could get to a booth of my choice before all the masses descended.

I had contacted Ipsy Care prior to the event and the woman I corresponded with was so kind and helpful. She made sure that the event staff were aware of my attendance and that I would be in my wheelchair. There is NO way I could have made it through the even without my wheelchair. Just like I would not be able to make it through the school day without my wheelchair either. At least not yet. Eventually I hope to be able to return to just using crutches and then just my two legs.

Ipsy does hold a special event the night before GenBeauty that is invite only for some creators. It is a dream of mine to one day be able to attend this elite event. One can dream right? Until then I will continue to enjoy GenBeauty like everyone else. New this year was a GenBeauty in NYC, which was held only a few weeks ago. I heard it was an amazing event! I wonder if there will be other GenBeauty events throughout the USA in 2016? The LA event will be just a few weeks into the new year, so they certainly have the time and ability! Although if Ipsy were to through more than one GenBeauty even in LA in 2016, I would certainly be a big supporter!

Have you been to GenBeauty either in LA or NYC? Or are you interested in attending the LA event in January 2016? If so please let me know, I’d love to meet you there!

Tickets can be purchased through the GenBeauty website:

NOTE: It looks like the Pioneer Rate will end on November 8, 2015 or when tickets sell out which ever is first. Only the Pioneer Rate is refundable.

Yours Truly,

Please find me on Instagram and all other social media @jaclynsmusings

**I am in NO way affiliated with Ipsy. I just LOVE their event GenBeauty. All opinions are my own**

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