UPDATE: Beginning to Begin (again) Part 4!

**PART 4 (last portion) of my Hello! and Beginning to Begin, again post! You can find Parts 1, 2, and 3 by clicking on the numbers**

Since I was not in any medical danger, Dr. M said I should finish my school term and see him again after finals which also gave me a chance to digest everything. It turned out that the cement surrounding the short smooth stem in the femur cracked allowing the device to begin slipping out of place.

This was a possible (although very unlikely) outcome for choosing that short smooth stem. I do NOT at all regret nor have I ever regretted my decision to have a short smooth stem used in the femoral part of the device. I was just unlucky.

For some reason being unlucky seems to just happen to me a LOT. Because I had been infection free (knock on wood) for several years, Dr. M recommended a completely different type of device that does not use cement. No cement means no cement can fracture or degrade. Instead pins are used to affix the device into the bone. This also requires a secondary incision on the lateral (outside) part of the thigh. And this option has a longer recovery period including being non-weight bearing for two months post-op in order to let new bone begin to heal around the pins prior to putting full weight on the leg. Not waiting enough time can cause the device to fail and I told Dr. M that I WAS NOT DOING THIS AGAIN. I’ll talk about more this surgery in a separate post as there were a LOT of problems this time with the hospital and anesthesiologist.

On my last visit, Dr. M said that there was enough new bone growth around the pins for me to be able to start going to PT (physical therapy) again. I just had my PT evaluation this past week and begin going to PT this Tuesday. Unfortunately neither of the awesome physical therapists that I had before still work at this clinic (the second was promoted to being director at another clinic and the first received such a fabulous job offer at an adult day care center that she could not refuse). When I was last there was two years ago my second primary PT was promoted a therapist from the clinic he was going to basically switched places with him it was known that I had originally planned on switching to his new clinic. I felt that this new physical therapist was perhaps not so happy with the switch and I felt like she took her resentment out on me.

I purposely scheduled my visits for when they came back from lunch as the clinic was when there were less people in the gym making it easier for my physical therapist to spend more one-on-one time with me. Even with the gym being essentially empty this new woman would only spend 5-10 brusque minutes with me instead of the 40-60 or so minutes that I had always received before. This continued for the three weeks I was there before my trip to San Francisco. At first I thought maybe she was having a bad day, but when it continued I began to not want to go anymore. I felt that the way she was treating me was extremely unprofessional, inconsiderate, rude, selfish, and petty.

So when I called to make my eval this time and was told it she might be the one doing the eval I explained why I was very uncomfortable working with her and requested the other therapist. Unfortunately, the day before I received a call saying that, that therapist had some kind of family emergency and would be out the rest of June. I am truly sorry that he had some kind of emergency and I wish him the best. But I was NOT at all happy to learn that the one I wanted to avoid was going to be doing the eval unless I wanted to wait a few more weeks which I didn’t. But for the very first time, I would be switching teams following the eval. While she was polite during the eval I didn’t feel that she was very thorough. I felt that she rushed through parts of it and once again spent very little one-on-one time with me. And at the end when I normally would receive ice she didn’t even write for it and was of course out of the room at that moment. But I felt done and figured I could ice just as well at home as I have the same ice pack.

So when I went to make my appointments for that week I confirmed that I would be switching to a different team. This team contains two PTs, one that I know somewhat because my sister used to see him and the other I have not worked with directly before.

I am a bit nervous as in ALL time I have spent doing PT, I have always been on the same team in the back room. Now I’ll be on the other side of the gym where two teams work. I know no one can ever completely take the place of either of the two primary PTs I’ve had, but I hope that I will be treated with professionalism and kindness without any residual feelings of resentment.

So with a new round of gait training (ie learning how to walk) ongoing and being able to take a part time load of classes it is time for be to Begin, again.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Yours truly,

**You can find Parts 1, 2, and 3 by clicking the corresponding numbers.**

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