UPDATE: HELLO! (again)

**PART 1 of my Hello! and Beginning to Begin, again post! You can find Parts 2, 3, and 4 by clicking on the numbers once those parts are live**

So I know I have been away from posting for quite awhile and a LOT has happened since then. It is my intention to begin blogging more consistently. And I would be truly interested in hearing from YOU, my amazing followers. I would love to have more dialogue with you.

I’ve recently become active on Instagram and will be posting a link to my profile. Instagram has by far become my most favorite form of social media and I would LOVE to engage with you if you use Instagram. If you don’t then comments section below is another great way to get in touch with me. I am very interested in hearing from YOU to find out what type of posts you are most interested in. Also I am quite interested in having a dialogue with you to learning about you.

So PLEASE introduce yourself!

Up until now I have not posted any photos of my whole face on my blog. While is is quite common among book bloggers, it is quite uncommon among beauty bloggers. I am very interested in changing how I blog so as to be of more interest to you. But I can only do that IF you let me know what interests you.

I plan on continuing to write reviews and have a LOT of fabulous products that I am very excited to share with you. Some ideas for other types of beauty related posts include makeup looks, makeup tutorials, DIYs, monthly favorites, seasonal products/colors, collaborative post, and OFD (of the day) type posts. Although I am open to your suggestions and ideas.

I also want to go back to including more book related posts from reviews, to interviews with characters and authors, to favorite books of the month, and upcoming releases. I recently found out that the author of one of my favorite series that I discovered through blogging will be releasing not one, but TWO new books this year! I literally cannot wait until she sends that ‘magical’ email stating that the ARC (advance reader’s copy) is available. I may or may not have already begun re-reading the first three books. Anyone have a guess what series?

Lastly, I plan to include more update posts on my physical challenges and my journey. When I first started this blog I wrote much more often about my life. Anyone who has followed me since the beginning might remember when I wrote about being in between surgeries, writing while still in the hospital post-op, and about learning to walk all over again. In many ways I have come so far in the nearly four years since I began this blog! In other ways, I feel like I am back to when I was having to re-learn how to walk. And actually I will be having to go through gait training for the fifth time.

So PLEASE let me know what YOU want me to feature or include more of on my blog. I would love to have more dialogue in the comments below and on social media, especially on Instagram. I am also always available by email! Introduce yourself! I’d love to get to know you. If you are new a huge WELCOME, and if you are a longtime reader, WELCOME back and thank you for your patience.

Yours truly,


**You can find Parts 2, 3, and 4 by clicking the corresponding numbers once those parts are posted.**

Please find me on Instagram and all other social media @jaclynsmusings


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