Too Faced: A Behind the Scenes Visit to HQ!

Too Faced: A Behind the Scenes Visit to HQ!
Yesterday I had the incredible experience of being able to visit Too Faced Headquarters! This visit had been in the works for a few months and I am so thrilled that yesterday was the day!

When I first arrived I was greeted and asked if I wanted to have photos taken in front of the huge sparkly Too Faced on the wall in the entryway. OF COURSE! Who wouldn’t want photo of themselves in front of that?!?!

Too Faced HQ is just GORGEOUS! And on top of how beautiful the entire place is, it is also dog friendly! How many places of work actually have a grassy area specifically for dogs?!? And of course there is a lovely display of the dogs of many of the employees!

Too Faced is pretty well known for their lines of chocolate themed products from bronzers, to eyeshadow palettes, and even foundation! So it came as NO surprise that they have beautiful displays of chocolates with and without their products in the jars too. 

I told Nicole (the wonderful woman who gave me a tour) that, THAT is my kind of chocolate bar! The cosmetics kind.

Even the kitchen/lunchroom/break room is incredibly lovely! And the area outside is amazing! What a wonderful area to have in such a thoughtfully designed space!

One of my favorite rooms had to be where there are mock up shelves just like the ones in Sephora both here in the states and internationally! 

AND I was able to see what their holiday shelf displays look like too! 

The holiday collections are so beautiful! The packaging is just so detailed! I could easily ‘get lost’ looking at EVERYTHING! 

On the of the walls in the mock up shelves room had photos for inspiration pinned up! 

I also saw props left over from a recent holiday launch event they had. Who wouldn’t want a giant picture of one of their lipsticks?

I couldn’t resist taking photos of the fabulous artwork all over their office!

One of my favorites was the one with all their different Sweetheart blushes. Oh how I would LOVE to have THAT hanging over my vanity!

Each meeting room is designed with a theme! There is a Paris meeting room and one with kisses on the windows! 

I even saw the studio where founder Jerrod Blandino films videos for his YouTube series. And where YouTube stars are able to film too! Maybe one day…

Nicole asked me what my favorite Too Faced product was and I thought for a moment and replied,”Glitter Glue Shadow Insurance”. She said that, that was not something most people mentioned. I responded that I use it quite frequently, often in conjunction with one of their loose glitters/shimmers. I think their Glitter Glue is an “unsung hero” of their cosmetics line. 

After Nicole gave me a tour of the entire office, she generously gave me a gift bag with all 10 of the new Born This Way Concealers as well as the entire Melted Matte lipstick line (well, 17 of the 18 since they did not have that one), the Peanut Butter & Jelly eyeshadow palette, Totally Cute eyeshadow palette, 3 bronzers (Milk Chocolate, Sun Bunny, and Beach Bunny), 2 Love Blushes (Justify My Love and Love Hangover), 1 Sweethearts blush in Sparkling Bellini, 1 Sweethearts Bronzer in Sweet Tea, a Better than Sex mascara, and a new Glitter Glue Shadow Insurance!

What makeup dreams are made of! I was blown away at the generous gift bag! I am so appreciative and grateful for all the goodies and for the time it took to show me around! And I look forward to trying out all the new products!

A MASSIVE THANK YOU TO JAIME, NICOLE, AND EVERYONE AT TOO FACED for allowing me to visit yesterday! I had such a fabulous time!

Right before I left, Nicole brought out their Can’t Stop Watching YouTubers sign to show me everyone who had visited before and had signed the poster. And she asked ME to sign it too!!! [Although I do wish I had thought to snap a photo of just the sign too. Hindsight is always 20/20.]

I cannot wait to see what Too Faced comes out with next! Oh, wait, I did see some of it! I cannot wait for everyone else to see the upcoming holiday collection!

I want to know what is YOUR favorite Too Faced product?!? And are you looking forward to their holiday 2016 collection? 


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