Profusion Insider ProBox! (& mini Update)

A few weeks ago I recieved my first package from Profusion Cosmetics as part of their Profusion Insider ProBox! Here is what was inside! [All of the photos are same ones that will be posted on my Instagram] I have been enjoying trying out and experimenting all the items I received! 

I’ve been very busy recently with the High Holy Days (on top of classes) and to those who also celebrate, I wish you a very healthy and happy 5777! L’Shanah Tovah! I sang in one concert in September, sang for both Rosh Hashannah evening and morning services as well as Kol Nidre and Yom Kippur services. 

Now with adult ensemble at my synagogue over for the season, I can focus on our fall concert at school! This year our fall concert is entitled, “Meta Music”, it will be at the college, and admission is free. Please email me if you are interested in attending!

Anyways, onto the box of makeup that arrived at my doorstep! Until I opened the box, I had no idea exactly what they would send!

The first item I opened was the concealer palette. Inside are 4 concealer creams one is a darker orange, one peach, one ivory, and one beige.

The concealers are very thick creams. It takes a few seconds for the cream to start to melt from thr temperature of my fingers. Once warmed up the cream becomes more pliable, but is still a bit too difficult to use on my dry to very dry skin. I imagine if you have oily skin then the thickness of this cream would be easier to use.
I do like the sleek and simple packaging with the cut out that says, “concealer”. And the brush included is actually a pretty good brush. But after being so impressed with both the lipsticks and brows sets this set was lacking the same quality.

The second item I opened was the larger ‘Treasure Box’ which contains 35 eyeshadows, 10 lipglosses, 2 blushes, 1 highlighter, 1 contour powder, 1 black eyeliner, and 3 applicators. I really liked that the box stays open itself, has a mirror, and even has look suggestions which are much appreciated!

This (almost) all in one look kit is packaged in a very cute box that can easily be reused afterwards. The tray holding the products easily pulls out which is both good and not so good.
So the eyeshadows, the quality varied widely between types of shadows (matte, shimmer, glitter) and shades (purple, pink, brown, etc) and their usability. Unfortunately, the purple toned shades proved to be the hardest to work with. The other brighter shades (bright pink, green, red) were easy to work with and had much better pigmentation.

The two blushes were decent and the highlight shade was smooth and silky as was the contour shade. 

The lip shades, first I am always concerned that powder products will end up stuck in the lip products in open palettes such as this one. The lip shades tended to have sheerer payoff. The bright red was the most pigmented and was comfortable on thr lips whereas the sheerer shades felt more like thick gloss or lipstick and could be quite sticky. 

The black eyeliner was good for a plain black wood pencil. It was smooth and creamy, very black and easy to use. Since I have more black eyeliner pencils than I will ever need, a generic black eyeliner pencil is only so useful to me, but a basic necessity to someone just starting out.
This would be best for an older girl, tween, or young teenager (or young adult) who wants to explore makeup without spending a lot of money to do so.

The third and fourth items were my favorites. Third is a great brow kit for both beginners and more advanced users. I was impressed with the quality of the brow powders which are all highly pigmented.

There are so many choices for brow powder that it is easy to pick and choose or mix two or three to get ones perfect shade. The duel ended chubby brow pencil is creamy and highly pigmented. The brushes and tweezers are all of very good quality and add to incompleteness this kit offers. There are also 5 brow stencils, clear brow gel, brow wax, and highlighter shades to finish ones look.
I was pleasantly surprised with how much I have enjoyed using this unassuming kit! This is a wonderful way to start out or continue in your quest for always having “brows on fleek”

And last but not least is a set of 6 matte lipsticks ranging in shades from deeper berry, bright red, orange-red, pink, pinky-nude, and nude. The latter 3 are less bold than the former 3, but I really like mixing the deep berry shade with one of the lighter shades for a more wearable (daily) berry that is still great for fall.

I really like the formula, pigmentation, and simple packaging of the lipsticks. The formula is very very similar to another brand with similar packaging named after greek mythology.
The formula is very comfortable and moderately long wearing. I have been enjoying wearing the the second and third shades from the left (swatches) the most as they are the most neutral everyday shades for me. That said both the deeper berry and brighter red look fabulous on for a bolder lip. I have also toned down the deeper berry shade with the lightest shade (first swatch on the left).

I would recommend these lipsticks as an inexpensive way to add to ones lipstick stash and/or an easy way to try a few shades that are bolder without breaking the bank.

What products have you tried recently? Anything new? What have you tried from Profusion?!?



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