Jaclyn began blogging in August of 2011 while bed-bound after having the first of three reconstruction surgeries. She first focused mainly on book reviews and writing about her life (the good, the bad, and the challenging) as she put it. As Jaclyn gained experience in working with authors, publishers, and book tour companies she began to expand into writing more product reviews especially of the beauty variety.

In early July 2012, Jaclyn received a patella (kneecap) and patellar tendon allograft to complete the reconstruction of her left leg in order to regain as close to normal function as is possible. Nearly four years after her nightmare began with over three of those years spent being totally wheelchair bound, Jaclyn was finally able literally begin to get back on her feet. Luckily for Jaclyn, the rehabilitation facility she would attend for countless hours of Physical Therapy was filled with very warm and kind people. Everyone who works there from the front desk to the college aids to her primary Physical Therapists themselves made the entire experience as pleasant and fun as possible.

Fall 2013 brought more changes for Jaclyn as she decided to return to talking classes at a local community college. With her previous 4 attempts at school landing her in the hospital, she was understandably nervous. This time she decided to start slow and take just one class. With term nearly over, she is looking forward to the spring semester, but happy to have a long break in between. Jaclyn previously attended a University of California school that was on the 10 week quarter system which makes the 16 week semester system seem quite different.

Jaclyn loves to learn and to try new things which makes being a review blogger right up her alley! She loves reading YA dystopian, YA (general) , mystery, and suspense novels. She especially loves to read works by new, up and coming, and independent authors. Jaclyn loves trying new products whether that be new cosmetics, skincare, haircare, nail, or other beauty products. She also loves crafts, purses, bags, jewelry, gadgets, baking, cooking, just to name a few.

Jaclyn loves sharing new books and products with her readers, friends, and family! If you have a book, beauty, or other product that you’d like to have Jaclyn review, please check out her Media Kit/Contact page for more information! Or if you just want to say, “Hi!” or get in touch with her for any other reason you can also find out how by commenting on any post, using her Contact Me tab on the right, or emailing her at jaclynsmusings@gmail.com