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Going to IMATS

Hi Lovelies,
For the very first time, I’ll be heading (with my younger sis) to the Pasadena Convention Center for one of the largest of all the IMATS events! IMATS stands for International Makeup Artist Trade Show. I first heard of IMATS a couple years ago, but the timing was such that I was always having or recovering from surgery. But this time around, I’m definitely mobile enough to be able to attend! I’ve been looking forward to this for months!

Unfortunately, I found out about press passes too late to be able to get one, but did hear back from a very helpful woman who reached out to a pro makeup artist that may be able to help me learn how to effectively cover the massive scar that runs from mid-thigh down to my ankle. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get a press pass next year!

IMATS began Friday afternoon for pros only with Saturday and Sunday open to the general public. There will be NO ticket sales at the door as ALL tickets sold out a few weeks ago! We’re going to attend on Sunday only as I don’t think I have enough energy to attend both days.

I’ve been having a lot of stomach issues lately and haven’t felt very well. I had a intestinal flora transplant via colonoscopy plus an endoscopy procedure on Dec. 13th and while I’ve had significant lower GI improvement, they endoscopy seems to have flared up the upper stomach where I’ve had 2 Nissen Fundoplications (both ended up failing). I haven’t had such severe stomach issues in a very long time.

The last several weeks, I’ve mainly had liquids (lactaid milk), yogurt, some crackers, and lots of ginger chews (for nausea). I was told to add Carnation Breakfast Essentials at least once a day in order to get more vitamins and minerals, luckily the vanilla mix I bought actually tastes pretty good. When I had tried eating more “real” foods I’d get pain in my stomach almost immediately. I just saw both of the GI doctors and they changed/added medications so hopefully I’ll start having more relief very soon.

In preparation for IMATS, I’ve been getting myself familiar with as many of the different venders as possible in order to try to have an idea of which booths are most important for me to visit. I also ordered 2 sets of business cards (one with my address for brands/PR/etc and the other with social media information), but it looks like my social media networking cards won’t arrive until Monday.

I’ve heard that most venders will have discounts ranging from 10-40% (or more) for the general public (pros receive additional discounts) that are truly unique to IMATS. I can’t wait to see so many of the brands I’ve read about online in person! If only I had a significantly larger budget! We’ll be leaving here very early in the morning so as to leave ourselves plenty of time to drive, park, walk, and get in line. I can’t wait for tomorrow!

Have you ever been to IMATS or other trade shows? What are your favorite parts?

Jaclyn’s Holiday Gift Guide 2013!!

Jaclyn’s Holiday Gift Guide 2013!

I know I’m a bit late getting this posted, but between midterms, extra credit papers, and my first final in 9 years blog posts haven’t actually made it onto my site although I have written a few. If only I had a magic wand that would allow me to skip any sort of formatting….ah well, better late than never!


Also if you don’t know, Chanukah falls very early on our secular calendar. For the first and only in my lifetime, Chanukah begins BEFORE Thanksgiving! This Wednesday, November 27th at sundown begins the festival of lights. While the least important Jewish holiday, it is the most recognizable because of when it falls. The incredible thought is that at sundown in two days, Jewish families all around the world will light two candles on the menorah (one for each night and one is the shamesh, the helper candle) and say the brachas (blessings).


So without further ado my (first) holiday gift guide! I’ll also include a wish list so you can see what items I have my eye on. I’ll also try to add on to both lists as weeks go on. As I write this I’m listening to Chanukah music on Pandora, the first such music this season. My mom loved decorating for Chanukah. When I was little she would make sweatshirts with menorahs for me, my best friend from pre-school, and herself.

Beauty products- for the woman who would still love playing with Mom’s makeup! I’m including links to where you can purchase items (some contain referral links) and reviews if I have posted any.


Starlooks Starbox - a monthly subscription of 3-5+ FULL size products. Pro quality products at lower prices. Subscription is $15 a month plus approximately $2.68 in shipping (within the USA, call or email for international shipping) Amazing customer service. Order until the 10th of the month to receive that month’s box, order by Dec. 10th to receive the incredible 15 shade palette which retails for $99! If you sign up PLEASE consider using my referral link as I will receive a bonus surprise box of items which I will review for you here. Read my review for October 2013, HERE and November 2013 HERE


Ipsy Glam bag – a monthly subscription of 4-5 deluxe sample and full size products plus a cosmetic bag all for $10 a month! I’ve heard and read amazing things about this subscription. A great way to try a variety of beauty products without buying full sizes.


Measurable Difference Instant Lash Extensions – a fabulous mascara and primer to extenuate lashes without fussing with falsies! Read my review HERE


Measurable Difference Lash & Brow Amplifying Serum – an easy to apply serum that nourishes, hydrates, and conditions lashes and brows for captivating alluring eyes. Read my review HERE.

Measurable Difference Lash Amplifying Liquid Eyeliner – This liquid eyeliner applies like a dream and is a very deep black. It truly stays put until I decide to remove it and then it comes off so easily! Definitely the best of both worlds, my review coming soon!


Studio Gear Holiday Palette – I just received this beautiful palette a couple days ago! Right now it is on sale for $25 (reg. $40). This very slim palette contains 4 eyeshadows and 1 blush. Instead of a mirror, there are directions for creating two gorgeous smokey eyes perfect for holiday parties! The blush is super pigmented and the name Snowy Glow perfectly describes the pinky-coral tone. The smooth and pigmented eyeshadows come in Frost (a light silver-white shade), Platinum (a darker grey silver), Coal (a charcoal grey with duo chrome silver and blue shimmer), and Glimmer (a golden shimmer sheer shade perfect as a topcoat or highlighter or on its own). Read my review HERE.



Urban Decay’s Naked & Naked2 palettes – $52 each palette contains a dozen FULL sized natural and neutral eyeshadows. The is a little overlap between the two palettes, as both have the shade Half-Baked, which is one of my favorites, so that is okay. Both palettes contain super smooth, buttery, and richly pigmented shades. I use both of mine regularly. There IS a NEW Naked palette about to be released with completely new and exclusive shades all slightly rose gold toned. The Naked3 is high on my wish list. There is also a Naked Basics palette $27 with 6 matte shades to complement the Naked palettes or to stand alone.


Benefit Hervana blush – $28 this still remains one of my all time favorite blushes. It was this blush that changed my entire perspective on blushes! Before I was sent this blush, I pretty much thought blush was evil for someone with naturally rosy tinted cheeks, but how wrong I was. Now I absolutely LOVE blush. So thank you Benefit! What a fabulous gateway blush. Highly recommend for a naturally rosy tinted look.


Benefit Brow Zings – $30 I absolutely LOVE this little compact! I got this for my birthday 9+ months ago and still have quite more than half left. This little compact sure packs a huge punch when it comes to filling in ones eyebrows. Everything you need is included from powder, to setting wax, two mini brushes, and a mini tweezer. While I don’t care for the included tweezer, it does work in a pinch. But the mini blushes are fantastic! Those are by far my preferred brushes to use for my brows even over my full sized counterpart.


Benefit They’re Real! Mascara & Watt’s Up? Highlighter – $23 and $30 for full sizes. I am putting these together because that is how I tried them. The minis of these are in the birthday gift from Sephora for Beauty Insiders (free to join) for this year. I absolutely LOVE both items! The brush on this mascara is unlike anyone I have ever used before. There is a little spiky ball on the end of the wand which is perfect for my short and sparse lashes. The highlighter is a gorgeous warm cream colored stick with a golden sheen. Both minis are perfectly sized to carry in ones purse.


Lancôme Teint Idole 24hr. Foundation – $45this is the foundation I am currently using thanks to a Sephora gift card. It is beautifully lightweight full cover foundation that is extremely easy to apply with fingers, brushes, and/or sponge. This one is fairly sweat resistant and is smudge resistant throughout the day.


Starlooks Cosmetics – I have their 15 piece brush set which is just amazing! I love to quality of their brushes. Actually everything I’ve tried from Starlooks has been excellent quality. I would highly recommend their lipstick, gem pencils, gel liners, blushes, bronzers, and brush sets. I’ll be posting a review of the brush set coming soon!


Bath & Body Works – I love their products! My most favorite scent is their limited edition Summer Vanilla series specifically the Summer Vanilla Lemon! Overall I dislike perfume and so I tend to prefer body sprays since they are generally lighter scents. I wish I had gotten a second Summer Vanilla Lemon body spray as I use the one I have everyday! You can’t go wrong with getting BB&W items as every woman (and man) bathes.


Prada Candy Eau de Parfum – $82 for 1.7 oz This is the ONLY perfume I’ve come across that I truly love the scent of! I’ve only gotten samples of this so far because of the high price tag, so this will also be on my wish list, a girl can dream! Maybe because this scent is much lighter than many traditional perfumes, its sweet scent is one that I enjoy. I just don’t think the bottle is as pretty as say Marc Jacobs perfume bottles are. I wish there was just ONE of his scents that I liked as I’d enjoy that bottle indefinitely. I love the way perfume bottles from before the 60′s looked.

Books- Including some of my favorite reads since I started this blog. And for some reason trilogies seem very popular!


Clockwise series by Elle Strauss – I LOVE all three of books in the Clockwise series and hope that Ms. Strauss will write another story or two or ten. Beautifully written story about 16 year old Casey Donovan who has a little problem of time traveling at the most inconvenient moments. She always travels back to the same time loop, in the 1860′s in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Things get even more complicated if she is touching someone skin-to-skin when she “trips” back in time, she’ll take them with her! Read my reviews of Clockwise, HERE, and ClockwiseR, HERE.


Fractured Light trilogy by Rachel McClellan – When 16 year old Llona Reese learns that her parents were killed by Vykens (evil personified), she knows that as an Aura (light personified) she is in danger. Without training or guidance Llona does her best to learn about who and what she is in hopes of saving her life and the lives of those around her. The concluding novel is scheduled to be released in about April 2014. You can read my reviews of the first two novels HERE and HERE.


Beckoning Light trilogy by Alyssa Rose Ivy – When 16 year old Charlotte moves back to Charleston, South Carolina, she is inexplicably drawn to a locked gate in her back yard. One night she finds the crystal key that opens this mysterious gate and enters another time and place. There she finds that she really didn’t know her mother as well as she thought. You can read my reviews of the first two novels HERE and HERE.


Divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth – Soon to be a major motion picture, the concluding novel in this exciting trilogy was recently released. Tris lives in a society where everyone belongs to a faction, like a micro society inside another one. Tris happened to have grown up in Abnegation where selflessness is valued higher than anything else. When it is Tris’s turn to go through the simulator in order to decide what faction she should belong too, something odd happens and suddenly Tris is told that not only is she Divergent, but that she must NEVER tell ANYONE what she is.


The Warrior Heir series by Cinda Williams Chima -The first book is from the point of view of Jack Swift who unbeknownst to him that he has magical abilities. Even among others with these special abilities, Jack is unique. This leads to him becoming the hero in this coming-of-age series. Each subsequent novel is form the point of view of another one of the main characters.


Delirum trilogy by Lauren Oliver – This dystopian trilogy is set in the future where falling in love is outlawed. In fact the government strips its citizens of their ability to love when they reach a certain age. So what happens when one teen does the unthinkable! She falls in love with someone.


Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card – Probably my very favorite sci-fi novel. I’ve at the very least, liked every Orson Scott Card book I’ve ever read. Nowadays we’d likely also cross-reference this as YA dystopian.


Tempest series by Julie Cross – A time travel series about Jackson who is able to travel back in time, but this also gets him in trouble. And have serious consquences for this friends. As Jackson realizes the implications of time travel the risks become greater.


Inkheart trilogy by Cornelia Funke – It is only when a young man begins reading a book out loud for his wife and young daughter does he realize that he has a unique ability to make things (living and not-living) appear, but everytime something appears, something else has to disapear. And then he finds that he is in danger because of this ability.


Alicia, My Story by Alicia Appleman-Jurman – This is an extremely powerful story of survival. When I was in 9th grade Ms. Appleman-Jurman came to the Jewish high school bureau programming to tell us her story. I dare you to read the first page and not be hooked. Ms. Appleman-Jurman’s story is one of love, scarifice, and the will to live.

Other Great Gift Ideas:


Netflix – Netflix is a great gift for the movie and tv show fan! While I discontinued the dvd portion of the service, I did subscribe to it for many years and very rarely had any sort of problem with the service. I still subsribe to the streaming part of the service and watch many tv shows and movies on it.


Hulu Plus -Hulu Plus is perfect if you have a device (ie Nintendo Wii, Playstation, Roku, etc) that allows you to stream directly to your tv. While I dislike the commercials especially sicne it is a service I’m paying for, I do find being able to use it to watch many (excluding CBS) of my favorite tv shows on demand.

Product Review: Starlooks’ Starbox October 2013 Edition!

Product Review: Starlooks’ Starbox October 2013 Edition!



I recently had the opportunity to review the October edition of the Starlooks’ Starbox. While I wasn’t all that excited about the September box, I was quite please upon opening up this box! As usual, Starlooks’ Starbox is beautifully presented. The copper metallic elastic matched the glossy black box.


Upon opening the lovely box of goodies, I first saw that there were a few more cards included than usual. One card was for $50 off a pair of classes from (insert name of site here). They advertise that for $199 the customer chooses three pairs of frames to try on in the comfort of one’s own home and then mails them all back selecting one pair that will have their prescription lenses fitted. While I really like the concept and am due for a new pair of glasses, I still feel that this is too much money out of pocket for me especially when I couldn’t find any place on the site in which information about one’s insurance can be entered for prior billing.


The next card mentioned a sneak peek of the products that will be included in the December box, which I will divulge later in my post! And of course the usual card with photos from the LooksBook and information about all the included products. Earlier in the month on the Starlooks facebook page, we were told that the October box included an item we hadn’t seen in a while which immediately caused followers to speculate what that might be. I too had a few guesses as to what this “long-lost” item could be, but I kept my ideas to myself.


The first item included was a Tendergloss lipstick in the shade, Puzzy. Tenderglosses are like a combination of a lip gloss and a lipstick. This particular shade reminds me quite a bit of the essentially clear gloss from September. In the tube this looks like a very pale light pink, but both swatched and on my lips it has no color other than a glistening sheen. In the swatch below (on the left side of the gem pencil swatch), it is very subtle.

This would be perfect for someone who is just beginning to gain confidence in applying makeup along with those who do not like bright/bold lip colors and those who dress conservatively for work. Since I first started to renew my interest in cosmetics, I’ve discovered that not only do I absolutely LOVE brighter and bolder lip shades, but that I LOVE wearing red lipsticks! So to receive another lip item with very little color, I’m not that excited. However, I DO recommend the Tenderglosses as a great alternative to a ‘traditional’ lipstick, yet is still applied with the ease of a lipstick. This has a retail value of $13.


The second item in the box was a gem eye liner. Previously these were referred to as diamondline pencils and in my view of the January 2013 box (click HERE) and back in their very first box, back in June of 2012 (click HERE). These are by far the creamiest pencils I’ve ever used! Besides the insane creaminess, these gem pencils (as far as I know) all have silver (micro) glitter included. This time Mirage was included which has a base of silver also with silver glitter. I’ve included swatches of all 3 of the gem pencils that I own. These sparkling pencils can be used alone, layered (ex. over a darker liner shade), or even smudged. There are so many different looks that can be done with a liner such as this! The retail value is $14.


And last, but not least, this is MY FAVORITE item included in this box! I had hoped we’d be receiving one of these sooner or later and so glad it came in this box!! This is also the item teased about as a spoiler as an item that we hadn’t seem in a while. So without further ado here the third item is none other than a 3 shade plush palette! This very hefty palette contains quite a bit of product (by weight)! We received the shade 3B1 of two blush palettes I’d had my eye on with the other being the shade 3B3. I absolutely LOVE this palette! I’ve been using it almost daily since I received it. While that bright pink shade (far left) looks intimidating, it actually looks fabulous on and only needs a light hand to add that perfect flush. For me, the middle shade also doubles as s highlighter. And the more mauve-esque shade (far right) working great on the apples of the cheeks for a lovely flush and it also works to do some contouring. So this is truly a multi-tasking product. This has a retail value of $46

The total retail value of this box is a whopping $73! That is over 4 times the cost of the box! And Starlooks ONLY ever includes FULL sized products from their ever expanding line. If you like makeup and surprises, then this is the box for you! For just $15 a month (plus approximately $2.68 shipping) you too can enjoy monthly treats!

SPOILER ALERT: If you’ve been thinking out joining, but been on the fence then I have a couple spoilers for you. First off I’ve been told that the value of the upcoming November box is at least $75! And the card included in the box states that (once again) 15 shade pro eye shadow palette which typically retails for $99 will be in the December box! A little birdie told me that this 15 shade shadow palette will NOT be one of the ones for sale on the site, but a custom one like last years was. Starlooks’ Starbox makes a fabulous gift to any beauty lover from novice through pro makeup artist!


Starlooks’ recently started a referral program. For EVERY NEW subscription placed using ones referral link means a bonus box of either lip, eye, or both items as soon as all boxes are sent out for that month, for up to 3 bonus boxes per month!


If you are thinking of subscribing to Starbox whether for yourself or a gift for someone else, I would greatly appreciate it if you could PLEASE use my referral link which you can find through the button on the far right hand side, or by clicking HERE! This will help me to be to continue to do reviews on Starlooks products! If you EVER have ANY questions about Starlooks, Starbox, or something on their website or social media pages, don’t hesitate to call or email them as Starlooks’ customer service is excellent! I don’t believe I have ever heard a negative comment based on their customer service.

The cutoff date for subscribing to Starlooks’ Starbox is now the 10th of the month! They are also already taking pre-orders for December box! Don’t forget to check out Starlooks’ social media pages!


What do you think about the contents on this box? Are these items ones you would use? Do you receive Starlooks’ Starbox or interested in joining? I’d LOVE to hear what you think!

Disclaimer: I received one or more items mentioned above from the manufacturer or PR representative for the purpose of this honest review. All opinions are mine. Please see my disclaimer policy for more information.

Review: Starlooks Starbox March


Review: Starlooks Starbox March

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars



I just love Starlooks Starbox and March’s box is no exception! This month we received 3 items (always full sizes) and a sample of soon to be launched product! The “theme” for March is Blue and so we of course received one blue product. But blue is not very specific and could mean a million shades so without further ado, the March edition of Starlooks Starbox.



First item listed on the card is one of their ultra moisturizing lipsticks this time in the shade Flutter which is a reddish-copper shade with golden shimmer. When I first pulled it out and saw the color in the tube I was disappointed because I thought that in the tube it looked a bit like Masquerade that we received in October’s Starbox.



Once I actually swatched it, I completely made a reversal in thinking and now LOVE it. I don’t own any other lipstick that is anything close to this shade and honestly, I wouldn’t have picked it up for myself on my own. I saw other reviews saying that this shade is too similar to other shades we’ve received in the past and so I will be posting a follow up review with swatches of ALL the shades of lipstick and tendergloss lippies very soon. Unlike the other lipsticks I have from Starlooks, Flutter has an almost matte feel to the base with a golden sheen for sparkle on top. But it isn’t shiny per se, if that makes any sense.



The next item is the Blue item, but it is a very dark navy blue eyeshadow called Disarray. The first thing I noticed is the difference in packaging from the single shadows in boxes last summer. On the one hand I liked the older packaging better because of the hidden mini-applicator and mirror for touch ups on the go. BUT the new packaging is most definitely more sleek looking with the entire case being clear (instead of black), but no applicator or mirror of any kind are included. The casing matches the blush case we received in January’s box.


The color of the shadow itself is very pretty. I’ve read several reviews of what people have thought of this box and heard all sorts of descriptions for this shade, but not one that I came across mentioned that there is a purple sheen to this shadow giving it another layer of depth that changes based on the light. I don’t think I’ve ever owned a navy blue eyeshadow before and if I’d had received this a year ago or even last fall I’m pretty sure I would have been more intimidated by it. Below you can see swatches of both the lipstick and eyeshadow. It doesn’t look like the camera picked up the purple sheen that this shadow has, but I did my best to try to capture it.



Now I highly doubt I’d use this as an all over lid color, but I am envisioning a beautiful purple smokey eye with this as the crease color because of the purple notes in it. This shade, like the lipstick has a matte base with sparkle added. At least in my pot, I do not see any larger pieces, but more of a subtle shimmery sheen.


The third item is the long awaited mascara as no cosmetics line can be complete without (at least) one! This jet black legthening mascara comes beautifully packaged in a massive (and heavy) sleek black tube with a huge ‘tree’ like brush at the end. This fantastic formula applies easily without clumps and easily lasts all day without flaking off. It is so smooth and it dries very quickly.

By the time you finish applying to your second eye the first one is dry! And you can just layer coats of it until you get your desired look. I have to say that Starlooks’ very first mascara is definitely a success and I can wait to see what they come out with next!


The last item included is a little sample of their sugar lip scrub. The little container is so cute and I can easily see reusing it (once I use up the scrub) for my travel/purse makeup kit. This scrub smells amazing! Lip scrubs are perfect for exfoilating lips before applying lip product and especially helpful to use before applying a stain which (at least on me) tends to show every dry chapped spot on my lips. I look forward to seeing when this product actually launches! For now you can ONLY try it out with a purchase of the March Starbox which you can find on the Past Starbox page or by clicking (HERE).


As always a little quartz crystal is included in the box. I do like the idea of collecting them in a jar to use for a makeup brush holder, but don’t like just how long that will take with the teeny tiny sized ones I’ve been getting lately. Another idea is to wire wrap them, I’ve played around with wire wrapping a little bit, but may just have to experiment a bit more in the not too distant future.

I gave this Starbox 4.5 out of 5 stars because I’m just not sure how much use the lovely navy blue eyeshadow will get. I’ve already worn the lipstick a bunch of times and wear mascara quite frequently. I wish they would include a look guide in each box, like what was included in February’s special Lauren Clark box.


If you would like to subscribe to Starlooks Starbox you can do so by clicking (HERE). IF you do decide to join PLEASE consider mentioning me, Jaclyn Cotton, or my blog Jaclyn’s Musings as your referral. I would so greatly appreciate it. While it is too late to subscribe for the April box, you CAN subscribe anytime from now until May 1st for the May box. And you can always choose to purcahse a past box for $25 (only $10 more than originally and you’ll know exactly what is in it!).

What do you think of this March’s box?


Review: Starlooks’ Starbox February 2013

Review: Starlooks’ Starbox February 2013
Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars


I have to say that I had been very curious as to what exactly would be included in the very first collaboration between Starlooks and up and coming makeup artist, Lauren Clark. When I say the lookbook I had a few ideas as to what I’d hoped would be inside including a lip product in the shade she is wearing in that photo shoot. I’ve since found out that, that shade is called Tipsey and is a coraly-pink shade and just beautiful!


According to the included product information card, we were receiving three full size products, but I counted four! Turns out that the fourth item is a bonus item and a preview of the signature lip set to come!


The first item I pulled out was a lip gloss in the shade pink oasis which is a very sheer yet sparkely gloss that has a deeper color on the brush or in the tube than on ones lips. This is not a stick lipgloss and contains a generous amount. Lately, thought I’ve really preferred more opaque glosses and I’d love the one that matches the included bonus lip liner Tipsy.


Next is an item that I am still on the fence about, the infinity satin liner in the shade princess diary (which reminds me of one of my favorite movies, I know it was a book series by Meg Cabot first but I could not get through even one of those!) which is a very light pearly pink. I’m still not so sure about such a light pink color as an eyeliner. I’ve tried playing around with it a litter, but definitely need to try out a few more things. I’ve heard of others using it a base for other shadows and want to give this a try. Would you wear a light pink gel eyeliner? Are there certain colors that you wouldn’t wear on your eyes? cheeks? lips? nails even? I’d love ot hear!


The last of the “regular” items is a brand new item to the Starlooks likes called HD Fluid Blush. And while that tube looks small, looks are very misleading as it is extremely well pigmented! A teeny tiny amount of this will go a very long way! At first I was very ambivilent as to why I’d ever wear a blush THAT bright pink! Turns out the same of this shade is aptly named Barbie which is quite fitting. When unscrewed the cap and started to gently apply pressure to the little tube as I didn’t want it to squirt out all over me, I waited until I had a miniscule amount on my middle finger and gentry tapped it onto my cheeck. I was surprised at how well it blended in and looked natural! This is by far my favorite of the “regular” listed products.

Last, but not least is the bonus item we received, a lip liner in the shade Tipsy! I absolutely LOVE this shade!!! Unfortunately, I’ve found just trying to wear the lip liner by itself dries out my lips too much, but when I add some of my favorite clear scented lip balm (MOR macaron lip balm in sorbet) to it all of a sudden I have the most beautiful lip color! I’ve never seen a shade quite like this and certainly don’t own anything that even closely resembles this shade! It is so different from what I typically wear on my lips, but I love it nonetheless.


p style=”text-align: left;”>I’ve included swatches of what the products look like on my skin. Starting on the left the first swatch is the Tipsy lipliner by itself, next is the Pink Oasis gloss, followed by the Tipsy lipliner with the Pink Oasis gloss on top, to the right of that is the Princess Diary light satin infinity eyeliner, past that is the HD Fluid Blush in Barbie on first pass after squeezing a teeny tiny amount out, and lastly the Barbie blush somewhat diffused and rubbed in. Also new this month was a little fold out guide that shows you two different looks to try using these new products. I like this idea a lot and very much hope they continue doing that again in the future. I think it would make a GREAT addition to the box to be shows a couple of different looks to try that could also help in jump starting the creative process for both newbies all the way through pro makeup artists and everything in between!


I gave this box 4.5 out of 5 stars as I’m still unsure how much I’ll actually use the Princess Diary light pink with a statin finish (more iridescence than sparkle or even shimmer) as an eyeliner which is what the product is “meant” for. Lauren Clark herself recommends using it as an eyeshadow base for brown shadow while others on the beauty forum MakeUpTalk ( have suggested using it as an eyeshadow base more generally saying that it adds more depth. And while I LOVE lip glosses in general, I wasn’t that impressed with how sheer Pink Oasis was although I do like the little bit of sparkle along with a non-tacky formula (the only thing worse than a super stick lip gloss is one with a very strong scent)! Whereas my favorites from this box are the HD Fluid Blush in Barbie and that awesome pinky-coral lip liner.


As of this past Monday evening, Starlooks’ launched their first ever singature collection also from Lauren Clark who is the professional makeup artist that collaborated with Starlooks in curating the February Starbox! Well, until the end of March, anyone can choose to purchase this set that includes the lipliner in Tipsy, matching lipstick in Tipsy, coordinating lip gloss also in Tipsy and a bonus limited edition HD Fluid blush in a pinky-coral to match this extremely Tipsy set!! I’d LOVE to be able to get my hands on this limited edition special set. The full set is selling for $39 while the set without the Tipsy lipliner which is available ONLY to current subscribers as we already received it in this months Starbox and that set is $32!


If receiving 3-4 FULL sized cosmetic items (although frequently more items are included as bonuses) each month sounds interesting to you then you should check out Starlooks’ Starbox! For $16.98 (includes $1.98 shipping) you’ll receive extremely good quality products and be introduced to a variety of products in the process. Plus customer service is amazing! And its so easy to get in touch (and receive a response) from the founder and creator of Starlooks Marci Star personally! The photo of Lauren Clark above is of her using many of the products included in the February bag and her limited edition signature lip set.

Staring as of January 2013, there will be a three month rotation of Neutrals, Mixed Neutrals/Bold, and Bold products with January being Mixed. That means the next month you can subscribe in time for is April which will be Mixed Neutrals/Bold. If you sign up after the first of the month, then you won’t receive your first box until the following month. Also Starbox is the ONLY subscription that I know of that sends you a separate birthday box during your birth month for no additional charge! Since February is my birth month, I have already received mine and will be posting my review shortly! If you DO decide to subscribe, PLEASE consider mentioning me, Jaclyn Cotton or my blog Jaclyn’s Musings where it asks about who referred you. I’d really appreciate it as it’ll help make sure I’m able to review more and more of the Starlooks’ line!


*I know I’m way behind in posting reviews of the Starboxes. I’ll be posting them in reverse order from most recent to oldest. I appreciate your patience while I work on catching up on sharing some amazing boxes, books, and products with you in the coming weeks and months!*

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