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Reading Challenge: Books that made me LOVE Reading!

I had the opportunity to review the young adult novel, Farsighted in November as well as interview its author Emlyn Chand. Now for the new year she is hosting a fun reading challenge. Many of us have now heard of these reading challenges that bloggers, reviews, and readers participate in. Well, this one isn’t asking its participants to read new books, but to re-read old favorites. Especially those from ones youth. So I’ve decided that I’d like to participate. Each month for this year long challenge I’ll (try) to post about whatever book(s) I’ve decided to cozy up with once again.

I’ll start with one I was talking to my sister about just the other day when I was looking at this old mug that says “Dad” on it along with a lot of qualities that dad’s have. I then told her that I remembered getting the mug from a thrift store in early elementary school when I had gone for a walk with one of his co-workers on one of the summer days I went to work with my dad.
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Review: Six Weeks to Yehidah by Melissa Studdard

Review:: Six Weeks to Yehidah by Melissa Studdard

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 starsWeeks to Yehidah by Melissa Studdard

Six Weeks to Yehidah by Melissa Studdard is a middle grade book essentially about theology and the meaning of life. The protagonist is ten year old Annalise who wanders away in the rain even though her mother said to stay near the house and goes on an incredible adventure with her two sheep Mabel and Mimi. On her adventure of self discovery Annalise learns so very much about herself, her purpose, and about the wonders of life.

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