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Update & The Talk Taping

I know its been way too long since I lasted posted an update. Fortunately, I’ve been busy doing many things which is why I haven’t been posting as regularly. However I really am going to try to post more consistently. After my sister and I attended a taping of CBS’ The Talk, I went back on their website to try to sign up for double taping tickets which always seem to fill up first. Luckily, I was able tto snag a pair of tickets for a double taping the week of Valentine’s Day. I don’t know if you’ve been to a tv show taping before, but tthey rarely post who the guests will be more than a few days in advance.


Once I had confirmed our seats for the show the next day, I decided to peek to see who the celebrity guest would be for the first taping since it is impossible to find out who the second taping’s guest is. I could NOT believe it when I read who would be there the very next day. She is and has always been (and probably always be) my most favorite actress EVER! And she had only been on The Talk once before. I was pretty sure she was there to promote the newest children’s book she co-wrote with her daughter. Anyone have a guess who I’m referring to?

None other than the incredible Dame Julie Andrews Edwards!!! It was as if I had handpicked the celebrity myself! I had the opportunity to see her at Disneyland about 8 years ago when they re-dedicated a carousal horse to her. And my sister and I actually had the chance to meet her a few weeks after she was at Disneyland at the annual Festival of Books (which at the time was held at UCLA, but since is held at USC)!! Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take a photo with her. Ms. Julie Andrews Edwards was promoting her memoir, Home, along with her new children’s book which she read (and I video taped) at the Target Children’s stage. We also were able to listen to her recount several stories from her youth which she wrote about in her memior. Afterwards, there was the opportunity to purcahse her memior and have it signed (which I of course did)! I even wrote her a letter which I was able to get to her, though sadly I never received any sort of response (not even a form letter).

Anyways, back to the week of Valentine’s Day this year which we were able to not only see Ms. Julie Andrews Edwards, but every one in the audience were treated to a whole bunch of nice goodies just for being their that day! I’vd watched The Talk enough to know that whenever they would show various items or gift ideas that the audience would also be leaving with those items. But this was the first time something like that had happened to me (with such an expensive set of gifts).

During the commercial break just before that segment, it was interseting to see who effient everyone is at getting the set quickly changed around! I find that in and of itself very iteresting. They hung red velvet drapes and brought out five tables. From all the items on the tables we each received, a silver picture frame and a decoritively topped silver candle (retailing for $80 and $60 respectively), a set of four crystal wine glasses with matching decanter, and the following gift certificates in liew of receving random items that we may or may not like. First we received a $100 certificate for a site that sells truffle oils and other fancy olive oils (I get that they were being ‘cute’ by having mushroom truffles instead of the more typical for Valentine’s Day chocolate truffles), $100 for a site that sells ladies undergarments, and a $155 certificate for a site that sells jewelry along with other various accessories.



Then they went to commercial break. Now I had seen segments similar to this one previously and so I was pretty sure that there would be one more gift. And when they said that Valentine’s Day wasn’t complete without a getaway I became bery excited! The only thing is that I would NEVER have thought of the trip we each were given. Any guesses of where the trip was to?



We each were given a certificate good for TWO nights at The Mirage along with TWO tickets for their Cirque du Soliel Beatles LOVE show! OMGoodness!!! WOW that show as soooo incredibly amazing! I was NOT at all excited about the prospect of a Las Vegas trip until I started looking into it. Since my sister wanted to take her best friend for her trip, I dedided to do the same. Since my bff and I both could REALLY use a vacation, we decided that we’d fly it would make much more sense to also stay an additional two nights. We choose the four star Golden Nugget hotel since she wanted to go to the Fremont Street Experience. I also couldn’t help but be drawn to the pool area. Relatively recently redone, the Golden Nugget actually as a large aquarium in the center of the main pool that has sharks in it! They also have a waterslide that actually goes THROUGH the shark tank near the end of the slide!



That waterslide was sooooo much fun!! It had been well over six years since I had last been in a pool and ten plus years since I had been on a waterslide. Once we had checked it, had lunch, settled into our room we made a beeline straight for the pool! We stayed for a total of 5 days and 4 nights. While I would have loved for our trip to have been longer, it definitely felt like a good amount of time. I am very glad we choose to stay in two very different parrts of Vegas, it was almsot like having two mini vacations back to back. The whole Vegas trip wasn’t even the laslt of the goodies we were given. We also each received her and her daughter Emma’s newest children’s book. All this was just for the first taping.

The second taping aired the following week on President’s Day and had Jenny McCarthy. During one of her segments, Ms. Jenny McCarthy all of a sudden started sounding like an infomercial. I turned to my sister and said I’ll bet we get whatever she ends up talking about. And sure enough I was corrent! We each also received the only FDA approved for home use depilatory (hair removal) laser, the Tria system. While it won’t get rid of 100% of unwanted hair with continued use, it should reduce the amount of hair by up to 70-90%! Unfortunately the Tria system can ONLY be used by those with fair, light, or medium skin along with dark hair only otherwise burns can result. I haven’t tried mine out yet, but will reveiw it once I have tried it and throughout the directed course of self treatment. The retail price for the model we received is approximately an astonishing $450! Would this be something you’d try? I’d love to hear what you think and if you’ve ever tried the Tria or one of the other depilatory at home devices?

So this post has now become very long, yet there is still sooo very much to tell you! I guess I’ll just have to post again soon tell ing you even more about my very first adventure since learning how to walk all over again (for *hopefully* the last time)!


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