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Product Review: Caroline’s Creations

Product Review: Caroline’s Creations

Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars

I received a cloth menstrual pad from Caroline’s Creations. I had been hearing of cloth menstrual pads for about 6 months prior to receiving one to try out myself. From my first email correspondance with Caroline to receiving the pad in the mail was only about a week. Because it is a cloth item there wasn’t the concern of it breaking from a tumble in the mail and so was packaged simply.

When I had first heard of cloth menstrual pads I thought that sounded a bit odd. But as I read what other bloggers had written about them being much more comfortable and in the long run a lot less expensive, i admit I was intrigued. Then when the opportunity to try one came up I immediately wanted to try one out for myself. I didn’t have to wait too long after I received it to be able to try it out.

I found that it indeed was a LOT softer than the Always brand I usually use. And it came in a very pretty material. The one I tried out was comparable to the moderate flow daytime pads. Instead of sticky adhesive on the back and wings, the cloth pad has a plastic snap to help keep it in place.

I gave Caroline’s Creations cloth menstrual pad a 4.5 out of 5 stars because it didn’t always stay in place and because there were not any care instructions included with the pad nor any on the website that I could find. The top side is a soft flannel print with pink and brown hearts and says Love on it. The bottom is a very soft chocolate brown fleece and the wings have a pink snap that helps to hold the pad in place.

Since I usually use overnight pads all the time, I think one of the heavier pads would work better for me. Overall I found Caroline’s cloth menstrual pad to be much more comfortable than the disposible counterparts and will continue to use this product.

*Disclaimer – While I received a cloth pad free from Caroline’s Creations in order to write this review, I have not been paid for my review and all opinions are my own.

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