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To Shop or Not To Shop THAT Is The Question

Today was probably the most hectic, most insane, and the craziest shopping day of the entire year! So why you may be asking would I subject myself (and using a wheelchair nonetheless) to the mayhem? For the outrageous sales of course! ;-)

Well, I mainly wanted to go CVS and Rite Aid because of the amount of highly discounted, free, and moneymaker items! I started following several coupon sites that each list the matching week’s transactions (also called “match-ups”) and even go so far to list each [sale] item and put together transactions lists. This then makes it super easy for the user to figure out which coupons are needed and in what order to purchase the items in order so as to be the most bang from one’s buck!One of my favorite of such sites is Deidre’s Cuckoo for Coupon Deals though she didn’t have transactions listed for black Friday.

The super nice and helpful cashier at CVS was very impressed with the detailed transaction lists that I gave her Deidre’s website as well as my own. Who knows, maybe she’ll even read this post! ;-) My sister and I spent over three hours at CVS and Rite Aid between finding items and checking out. And in both stores everyone we encountered shoppers and employees alike were so kind and helpful! One woman in CVS noticed we were looking for the same items she was and brought us the items as she found them for herself as well!


I am pretty new to the whole stockpile coupon-ing thing. I remember cutting out coupons for my mom when I was 4 or 5 without ever being asked or shown how. I just did. So I’ve always been interested in coupons and tried to use them when I could. But in the last few months I’ve really been trying to use coupons to get items we use very inexpensive or free. I have found though that for most of the food products my family buys, that there are no coupons for them.

So my main focus is for non-food items like hair products, soap, cosmetics, and other toiletries. I have a couple shelves in one bookcase that I am using for these items and I have to say that we are good on shampoo and conditioner for awhile! Rite Aid had VO5 for $0.33 each after store rewards! Both stores were very patient while I sorted the items into the many transactions needed to take advantage of store rewards.

Did you take part in Black Friday? And if so, where did you go and what deals did you find?


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