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My Life Monday: Big Scare

I know it has been a couple weeks since I posted a My Life Monday article as I am recovering emotionally from an infection scare. Several weeks ago when I unwrapped my leg from the full leg length brace, I noticed a spot on top of my knee that had opened up along the incision. I was so terrified that another infection was brewing.

My worst fear was that I would need yet another surgery and possible lose my graft. I have gone through so much to get to where I am I just couldn’t bear the thought that I might have to start over. The PA (physician assistant) at my surgeon’s office said that I should continue on antibiotics preventatively, have lab work done, and that I had to come in weekly until it was healed. He also wasn’t sure it there was another infection starting or what was going on.

On my next visit the following week, the opening was definitely smaller and my lab results were fine. So he didn’t think it was an infection, but time would tell. Amazingly the very next day when I looked at my knee the wound had shrunk by almost half. And so by the time I saw my ID (infectious disease) doctor it was scabbed over.

Thankfully on my next visit to the surgeon’s office the wound had completely closed and he said that he’d start letting me bend my knee. Although the first increase on the brace is only 20 degrees which is really not a whole lot, but a start. I return again this week and should have my brace adjusted again, this time to 45 degrees. I’ll then continue to have visits every two weeks until after my brace is set at 90 degrees for two weeks and then should be able to finally ditch this brace.

If things continue to progress on schedule from now on I should be out of this necessary, but obnoxious brace right around Thanksgiving. While I feel quite relieved that this scare wasn’t an infection, I can’t help but feel a little bit anxious about my knee still. Even though there isn’t a rejection risk with this graft as there is with most other types of donor grafts, there is still an infection risk.

Eventually though if a biopsy of my kneecap or tendon were done it would show only my cells it’ll take about 5 years for that to be complete. But the longer I go with no problems, the lower the chance for any complications. So while I definitely feel I dodged a bullet this time I have a feeling I will still feel at least a little bit of unease still until a few more months have passed with no complications.


Adjustments, Slips, and Spills

Tomorrow I head back to the surgeon’s office for yet another one of my bi-weekly visits. While it is a drag having to schlep up to their office and having to often wait hours to see the P.A. (Physicians Assistant) I know it is well worth it.

And I am very lucky to have such a close family friend who is just wonderful company and we often will go out for dinner or something afterwards. That really does help to make the whole experience so much better!
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Product Review: Bath & Body Works Lotion

Product Review: Bath & Body Works Lotion

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

I have found that I really do love the lotions that the chain Bath & Body Works (B&BW). My very favorite was the Hello Sugar! with a tantalizing scent of sweet lemon frosting. Sadly B&BW discontinued the line not long after I had discovered it. As it turned out, I was able to buy one tube of lotion and a matching lip gloss.

Luckily last year, B&BW came out with a new summer seasonal “Summer Vanilla” collection which included a Vanilla Lemon which turned out to be pretty close to the Hello Sugar! lotion that I loved but is no longer available. Since I guessed that it wouldn’t be around long, I made sure to stock up on this new scent and on several others that were significantly marked down.

Even though I find the prices at B&BW are bit too high, I still love their products. Especially IF I can combine a store sale with either an email coupon that it brings the items.

B&BW stores always have a huge amount of various bath and product products to choose from which is sure please just about everyone. I had noticed that along with the summer vanilla lemon, they had a Summer Vanilla Coconut and Summer Vanilla Berry. I remember reading that studies show that women prefer Vanilla scents, which likely explains why B&BW always has multiple Vanilla scent.

I gave B&BW a 5 out of 5 rating because I always enjoy my visits to their store. I also love that they have such a wide selection of scents to choose from. My mom did, my sister does, and I also do very much like the scent of Vanilla! I don’t know many women (or any. really) who don’t like yummy/nice smelling soaps and lotions.

My mom, sister, and I also very much like the Vanilla scents like most women throughout the world! With the holidays coming up this might be a very good gift idea (and they do have a men’s line of products as well). I also like their variety and seasonal holiday sons that show up this time of year. I don’t know many or any really women that don’t like yummy smelling lotions soaps and body products. This woman certainly will does.



I’ll Love You Forever Part II:

(Continued from yesterday’s I’ll Love You Forever Part I)

I have no more memories until four days later after which I was told I had been put on a ventilator in a drug induced coma. The doctors didn’t even know what had caused this life threatening emergency until I was already up and out of ICU! All the doctors literally threw everything and the kitchen sink at me while trying to figure out what had sent me so close to death. The acronym for what they found is just four little letters, but what those letter represent came way too close to ending my life. As it turns out I had contracted hospital acquired MRSA (methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus) in my lungs and blood stream (sepsis). The MRSA sepsis is what led to all the problems I have since had with my legs. I am very thankful and grateful to be alive.

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I’ll Love You Forever Part I

Exactly 3 years ago today my life (and my dad and my sisters lives) were irrevocably changed. It happened while I was in the hospital receiving treatment for a very severe flare of my IBD (inflammatory bowel disease). I had started to not feel well several days before but past it off as a bad asthma attack and had even started requesting breathing treatment every couple hours. But it wasn’t enough and I started requiring oxygen to assist me. No one (on my medical team) had any idea of what was going on ! And then Tuesday, November 11th came in my world would never be the same.
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