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Review: Starlooks’ Starbox October 2012

Review: Starlook’s October Starbox
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Have you heard of Starlooks’ Starbox? If you haven’t and love cosmetics you might want to consider subscribing! This is the ONLY subscription service that contains a min. of 3-4 FULL size cosmetic products for only $15 (+$1.98 shipping)! At the bottom of my review you’ll find sneak peak information about their special December box!

I know I am behind and will have my review of the September box up this week. But I wanted to get this review up as quickly as possible. Since Starlooks is located not too far from where I live, I tend to receive items from them very quickly. I have to say that this is my favorite of any of the services I have seen or have the opportunity to receive. So without further ado, I’ll get started.

With Halloween quickly coming up, Starlooks choose to go with a fun Halloween theme and nicknamed each product with the old adage “Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil”. The first item is the “See No Evil” is is an eyeliner pencil in the shade “Gold Dust”. Previously we’d received one of their Diamondline pencils (Myth) which are all metallic shades and so very smooth and easy to apply. This one while being a gold coloring wasn’t as sharp a metallic shade or as smooth upon application as the Diamondline. Typically I shy away from ‘traditional’ eyeliner pencils as I find that most of them are too dry and tug when trying to line my eyes.

I found that I was quite surprised when I tried the Diamondline that was the creamiest pencil I had ever tried. This one I found didn’t apply as smoothly. It is still better than most pencils, but drier than the Diamondline. The shade itself is very pretty and I look forward to playing around and coming up with looks using this gold liner as I didn’t have anything close in my stash thus far.

The second item while not being something you’d ‘hear’ or wear on your ears is actually another eye product (I love eye makeup) as is the “Hear No Evil” item. This is actually the first product of its kind that I own and is a gorgeous shade of purple eye shadow luster pigment. There were two options for this one, Posh or Peddle, yet both were a shade of purple. I tried looking up both shades and found that the color resolution for the one I did receive wasn’t even close to what it looks like in person.

I ended up receiving the shade Posh and it is an incredibly vibrant and fairly bright purple. While purple is my one of my most favorite colors (with teal/turquoise being the other), I have only begun to try to incorporate it into my (eye) makeup. I actually only one one purple eyeshadow as part of a Wet N Wild trio that I bought last spring in a set with a lip gloss, blush, and quick drying teal nail polish (the reason I bought it as it was the same price as buying the polish by itself, I’ll post a review of this set soon). I can’t wait to play around with this gorgeous shimmery shade.

Next is the “Speak No Evil” item and if you hadn’t guessed, it is for the lips! This is a very bright rich blood red which the card says has a ‘hint of orange shimmer’. The orange shimmer shows itself better in certain light than in others. The formula is very cream, smooth, and unlike other lipsticks, isn’t too drying. I definitely like this shade much better than the more orange-y one sent during the summer. While I tend to gravitate more towards wine, pinkish-red, or pinkish-nude shades this one does look pretty good on. Though I would probably not wear bright eye makeup with such a vibrant lip shade.

And Starlooks more often than not includes extras in addition to the mystic quartz crystal included which each box. This time I received one large and one smaller quartz crystal which was nice since the one last month was teeny tiny.

Last, but not least on the very bottom is a pair of temporary eye tattoos called Eye Rocks. Instead of painting ones eyes with makeup, one can use water to adhere brightly colored stickers. I haven’t tried mine out yet as I am saving them for a fun occasion which may or may not be on Halloween since I’ll probably just be staying at home watching movies and handing candy out to kids.

SPOILER: One last thing included was a card mentioning a sneak peak about the December box which says that, that box will include their new 15 color pro palette which retails for a whopping $99 on their website! They are taking requests for just the December box, but are expecting to sell out quickly.

So if you have a makeup lover in your life you might want to consider signing up for at least the December box which is $15 (+$1.98 shipping) and from my understanding international orders can be accommodated IF you call in. You can Starlooks to reserve your December box at (949) 679-0679. I would be extremely appreciative if you could please mention that you heard about Starbox from Jaclyn at Jaclyn’s Musings.

Earlier this month we were all asked about our skin tone (as it has to do with the November box with my guess being one of the foundations on their site) and what month our birthdays fall into so that they can send a special surprise during that month. I haven’t heard of all other subscription service doing the same. I am so very much hoping that the amazing December box will be customized based on our color preferences. I can definitely think of a couple people who would love to receive their December box for the holidays and love that Starlooks is offering the option to purchase just the December box for just this purpose.

I’d love to hear if you’ve tried Starbox or any of Starlooks’ products? Or if you’ve tried any other subscription service and what you think of them?


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